Can Raspberry Pi Run a Minecraft Server?

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Can Raspberry Pi run Minecraft Server? The answer to this question is Yes! Raspberry Pi can be used in several projects, including running a Minecraft Server. Usually, one of the most popular uses of Raspberry Pi is turning it into a game server.

The best part is that the entire process is relatively easy and does not require any advanced skills in order to achieve it. As a result, in this article, we shall be discussing how to run a Minecraft Server using Raspberry Pi.


There is no doubt that Minecraft is by far one of the most famous games of all time. Usually, it is a sandbox video game that allows you to explore infinite worlds and build everything from a simple house to giant skyscrapers.

When it comes to building a Minecraft Server on a Raspberry Pi, you will require the following:

  • Any version of Raspberry Pi (however, Pi 3 is the most preferable)
  • Power cable (assuming that the Raspberry Pi is in a case)
  • 8GB or more MicroSD card.

Despite the fact that any Raspberry Pi model can be used in creating a Minecraft Server, the result might not be satisfying. However, the tips discussed in this article are ideal for Raspberry Pi 3 as well as Pi 4, and you will be able to get the best of Minecraft Server as possible.

When you set all of the above in a remote SSH connection, you will be able to set the Raspberry Pi as s Minecraft Server. However, if SSH is not an option, you will require:

  • 1 HDMI cable
  • USB keyboard
  • Monitor or other display that is compatible with your Raspberry Pi
  • USB mouse

You will go ahead and connect all the peripherals prior to turning on the Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, you will as well require a copy of Minecraft on the computer. You need to know that Raspberry Pi’s system spec means that you will not be able to host several individuals. When using Raspberry Pi 3, you should avoid hosting more than 10 individuals.

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The type of Minecraft you should use

With several Minecraft versions available, you will need to choose the perfect one for this particular task. Designing a Minecraft Server allows you to access a world you can access while using any other device running a Minecraft apart from MinecraftPi.

Therefore, versions of a Minecraft on Android, Windows PC, iOS, game console as well as TV devices and Amazon Fire tablets will work with the server. If you have a server device on the local network, it can access your Minecraft Server. Basically, you will require a main Minecraft open-world game from Mojang.

Installing Raspbian

The first thing you will need to do is install Raspbian OS and then configure it. It is best to start with a fresh copy of a Raspbian, where you will get on the official raspberry pi website. However, if you prefer sticking with your existing version of Raspbian, you will need to upgrade it by entering this command sudoaptupdate and sudoaptupgrade

Once that is done, you will go ahead and configure your Raspbian environment before running the Minecraft Server. Ensure that you have it set with keyboard and monitor and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Advanced Option and then go to Memory Split. Once there, change its setting to 16MB. By doing so, you will be freeing more space for your server.
  2. Go to the Boot Option and then go to Desktop/CLI. Once there, you will choose the Console.
  3. Enable the SSH BY going to Advanced Option and then SSH.
  4. With that done, you will then go to Advanced and then Expand File System

With the changes made, you will to Finish and then reboot Raspbian at prompt. With that done, you will log in once again and then find the IP address of your device using one of these commands: sudohostname-I or ifconfig. It would be best if you then took note of your IP address before you progress.

Installing Minecraft

The second step is to install Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi using Nukkit server software. It is developed explicitly for Minecraft; the Pocket Edition Nukkit is installed easily on Raspberry Pi through a command line.

You should commence by installing Java and then create a new directory and then open it. Once you have it done, you will go ahead and download the Nukkit software.

Once that is done, you ensure that you key in this command accurately.


You might consider copy and paste it in an SSH session.

Configuring Minecraft server

When you have the server set up correctly, you will go ahead and configure it. The two configuration files are present in Nukkit,, and nukkit.yml.

For you to edit these, you will go have to open them in a preferred text editor. The Raspbian Nano is preinstalled; therefore, you will use: sudonanonukkit.yml or

When editing, you will start with max-players=10When using older Raspberry, you should consider using players between 5 and 6. For player vs. player action, you will use this command difficulty=1 and sudojava-jarnukkit.jar for easy setting.

Connecting your Raspberry Pi to the Minecraft server

By now, your Minecraft Server should be online on the local network. All that is required of you is to launch your Minecraft on the computer by clicking play and then going to the server. While here, you will Add server and input new server details, give a name and add an IP address. Port number will match with the one on server property. The server will now be listed as an option to connect to. You will simply select the server and start playing.

Final word

By following all the tips discussed in this article, you will now have your Minecraft game server running on your Raspberry Pi. When you leave it up and running, you will always have a Minecraft World, you can connect to and operate. 

This process is relatively easy and can be achieved by any individual irrespective of their skill level. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article helpful and that we have answered the question; can Raspberry Pi Run Minecraft Server.

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