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Comprehensive Repair
and Improvement Course

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Do you want to know how to tackle different home repair and improvement projects? If the answer is yes, the Comprehensive Home Repair and Improvement Course is the right choice for you. This extensive course features everything you need to know about home maintenance and repair.

Course Description

Maintaining your home and performing minor repairs is possible even if you haven’t done it before, and this course will show you how. It covers various home maintenance and improvement topics, starting from the basics and advancing to more complex tasks. The course is easy to understand and doesn’t require prior knowledge. Both beginners and experts will find it useful.

After you complete this course, you’ll never need a handyman again!

Course Requirements

Here’s what you’ll need for this course:

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What You’ll Get

What You’ll Learn

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Course Content

The course is divided into 12 sections and contains 74 lectures in total. That’s more than 46 hours of material.


In the introductory section, you will cover the course basics and aims. Moreover, you’ll learn more about safety and precautions when performing certain tasks. This section also discusses the costs of different materials and tools.


The second section of the course focuses on tools. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about essential hand and power tools is covered in this lecture. As a bonus, you will also learn about additional tools you may find useful in certain situations.

electrical basics

Electrical Basics

Working with electricity is a huge part of home improvement and maintenance projects. For that reason, it’s a big part of this course. You will cover residential electrical supplies, circuit breaker panels, wires and conduits, tools for working with electricity, etc.

building a wall

Building a Wall

Building a wall will become a lot easier thanks to this section of the course. As always, you will start from the basics and the course will further discuss different terms and concepts related to this area. Then, you will move on to planning and choosing the right materials. Also discussed in this section are nails and framing, insulation, taping and mudding, painting, and installing trim.

installing a door

Installing a Door

This section consists of seven lectures about door installation, including planning, demolition, framing, installation, etc. You will find out about the most common door issues and learn how to fix them.

wall anchors

Wall Anchors

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wall anchors is included in this lecture. You will earn about both drywall and masonry during an hour-long session.



Do you want to know more about different types of flooring? Or maybe you wish to learn how to prep and paint floors or apply an epoxy coating? The flooring section offers an in-depth view of everything flooring-related.



This three-hour section is dedicated to installing new lights and outlets on a concrete wall. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to add circuits to a panelboard. Once again, the course focuses on safety since working with electricity can be potentially dangerous, even for experienced handymen.



This lecture is dedicated to plumbing and covers everything from the basics to installing cabinets, sinks, and toilets. You will learn how to repair leaky faucets and toilets, when to use what equipment and tools, etc. This is the most extensive section of the course and comprises of 17 lectures.



If you’ve ever wondered how different appliances and systems in your household work, this is where you’ll learn the answers. From HVAC systems to food waste disposal units, this section covers the general principles of operation, explains the components, and gives advice on installation and repairs.



Any important aspects of home repair and improvement not covered in the previous sections will be covered here. These include basement water, siding, roofs, and drywall repairs.



The final part of the course resolves uncertainties regarding sealants, lubricants, and adhesives and explains when and how you should use them. This section also discusses codes, permits, and inspections.

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