How to Setup L2TP VPN Server on a Raspberry Pi

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When a person is looking to create and develop a Raspberry Pi with a private connection and server they can install L2TP on their current system.

This will allow a person to have some privacy when they are online and will not have to worry about other people getting into their confidential information. There are some steps to make sure this installation process goes well and a person will have everything they need to be safe and secure online.

Clean Installation

A person should make sure that their current condition of the Raspberry Pi has a clean version. To clean this version a person should check the Raspbian OS and they need to make sure they can download the most current version of Raspbian Lite. They can be found on the website and the most updated version will be there for a download.

If a person is working on a computer that is running on a Mac or a Windows operating system they should check to make sure they have Etcher. They can also use the Raspberry Pi that can be placed into the computer using a USB Flash drive. A person will need to burn the lite version onto this computer. It should be ready to go once this process is complete.

Securing the Connection

A person should then see a command that will allow them to prompt and run Raspberry Pi. This can be done on a strong internet connection or using an Ethernet. A person will then be able to log in. the username is going to be pi and the password is going to be raspberry.

A person should then use the command sudo raspi config to make their password and to make it something more secure. A person will then be prompted to add the new password and they will then enable it. The process will then finish and a person will have their new secure connection.

Putting the VPN on Raspberry Pi

Now that a person has this part of the process done a person and the VPN are secured a person will be able to move on with the process. A person will be getting a generated username and password and they will be able to then assign their own password. When a person has gone through the installation process they will be issued a pre-shared key. This key will be their username and password. To connect to the system a person will need to enter this information.

Username and Password

To enter a user name and password a person will need to enter wget https:// VPN setup -0 bpnsetup. Sh. This will then allow a person to edit this file. A person will then enter their own information along with the PSK that they were generated. If a person lost that information they may be able to enter a random key to Random Keygen. A person should then allow this program to run.

Add the Router

To configure the router a person will need to allow access to the router so everything can be on the internet. A person will be able to look through their settings and they will be able to work with the settings in their own router. To begin this process a person will need to get into the administration screen on the router. They can do this by going to and will then go to the default setting command in the BT Smart Hub so that they can log in.

Same IP

A person will need to make sure that the Raspberry Pi that is assigned to their EIP address will show up the same combination every time that the IP address pool has been refreshed. To access this a person will need to go to the My Networks which can be accessed through the Advanced Settings. A person will then see their actions and they will see the different areas that are part of the Raspberry Pi connection.

If the IEP address is the same a person will then need to go on and move to the next step to allow the VPN connection. A person will also need to choose their firewall connection and develop a new firewall rule.

A person will then be able to add their external and internal connections and they will be able to save these new connections. At this time a person should write down all of the information they will need to go on to the next step.

Connecting to the VPN

A person will then need to be able to connect to their VPN and allow everything to work properly. A person will need to test the connection that they just set up.

Connecting with Windows 10

A person will click the start button and they will click Network and Internet. They will then select to add a VPN Connection. A person will then enter additional information and they will then save this connection. A person will follow the same process if they are going to be connecting from a Mac computer. If a person is going to be connecting on Linux they may need to enter some codes to make sure their system has saved properly.

Raspberry and VPN L2TP Connection

Once everything has been installed a person will be able to have a secure network on their Raspberry Pi and they will be able to have a secure connection. They will be able to develop their username and password that they will be able to associate to their IP address. This will allow a person to have a secure connection and they can access many features with this connection.

While this process may seem long it will help a person set up an L2TP VPN Serve on their computer. There are several steps that a person has to follow but in the end, they will end up with a secure connection and they will be able to have many additional features on their computer.

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