How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with a Bench Grinder

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A chainsaw is a useful tool that you can use when carrying out woodworking projects, cutting wood as well as doing things around your property. This tool usually needs to be sharpened every once in a while as they get blunt after using them regularly. Nevertheless, most individuals typically have no idea on the ways of sharpening a chain saw, hence keep buying a new chain after the old one becomes blunt.

Therefore, you must learn how to safely sharpen your chainsaw as this saves you lots of money in the long run, and the most effective way to do this is by using a bench grinder. Furthermore, this will be much easier in comparison to always have to find a new chain saw.

So, if you are tired of having to repeatedly buy a new chainsaw once the old one wears off, read through this article, and you will be taken through the steps on how to best sharpen your chainsaw using a bench grinder.

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​Steps to Sharpen A Chainsaw

Get a grinder

You need to buy a bench grinder that will perfectly suit your needs, and this you can find either in an online store or a hardware store. An angle grinder is typically more preferable if you plan to work from your home as it can be held by hand.

Likewise, you may choose to purchase a bench grinder that you can place onto a table, thereby providing you with added safety as well as improved stability. However, you should first assess both grinders to be in a better position to make an informed decision as to which one best meets your needs. With the right grinder, you will have a lifetime investment that will serve you capably.

Choose a safe place

Regardless of your experience using a bench grinder, you should always put your safety first. Thus, pick out a safe place where you can use the grinder to sharpen your chain saw, and this should ideally be somewhere where kids are not present, such as your garage or shed. Additionally, be careful how you hold the grinder to avoid getting cut by the disc, which is very sharp.

If the then disc ever becomes dull, you can sharpen it by placing it against a stone, switch it on, and consequently, it will start to sharpen. Having a sharp bench grinder is essential if you are looking to sharpen your chainsaw correctly.

Prepare to sharpen

Put your chainsaw on the table that has a suitable width and height to enable you to work with minimal strain. Take your bench grinder and get a firm grip of it and then find the chains that it has been connected to.

If you are using a fitted grinder, make sure you take off the chainsaw’s chain and then placing it on the grinder’s rail. Consequently, rotate this rail as this allows you to access the two sides of the chain. Lastly, confirm the height of the bench grinder to ensure it can work in the right positions.

Start your bench grinder

Having set up your grinder, you are now ready to start sharpening with it. Start by working slowly and gradually increase your speed as you carry on and you will get to see all the spikes on the chainsaw have an alternating direction.

To ensure all the spikes are sharpened correctly, you can opt to make use of the handheld grinder for all spikes and get them all at once or grind each spike, rotate the chain, and perform everything else.

Finalize the sharpening

By following these steps mentioned above, you now have sharpened your chainsaw properly using the bench grinder. Additionally, if you took care while grinding, you still have your fingers in place. Therefore, you can go ahead and start using your chainsaw.

Tips on sharpening your chainsaw using a bench grinder

When using your bench grinder to sharpen your chainsaw, you need to observe a couple of things to ensure your tool remains effective. Furthermore, you also need to understand the things that you need to avoid doing to ensure your endeavor of sharpening the chainsaw is not futile. Here are some of the things you need to observe when sharpening your chainsaw.

Ensure you stabilize your chainsaw

As you use the grinder, make sure that you firmly hold your chainsaw in place. This is vital to as it ensures you do not cause yourself a serious injury while you are sharpening it and an excellent way to effectively sharpen it.

Do not forget to wear protective gear

Integrated into the design of the chainsaw are numerous cutters that can cut or scratch bare skin. Additionally, the grinding wheel rotating at high speeds can cause you severe injury if you are not cautious. Therefore, you should always have protective gear when using a bench grinder for your safety.

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Make sure to sharpen the depth gauges

Whereas grinding the depth gauges is not as critical as the cutters, you still should do it since they too wear as time passes. So, if you want your saw to remain useful for a prolonged duration, make sure you sharpen it every once in a while.

First study your chainsaw

Before you start sharpening your chainsaw with a bench grinder, you need first to study the owner manual. Doing this will allow you to know how you need to carry out the sharpening process effectively, thereby making sure the cutters remain sharp for an extended duration.


Most people usually have no idea how to sharpen a chainsaw using a bench grinder and instead opt to buy a new chain altogether. However, having gone through this article, you now know how to make use of a grinder to sharpen your chainsaw, and this is convenient as well as a cheaper alternative.

Therefore, going forward, whenever your saw is blunt, you need to sharpen it, quick and straightforward process, and you will be able to get the most out of it when either cutting wood or doing woodworking tasks.

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