How to Use a Fieldpiece Multimeter

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Throughout the course of your work on HVAC systems, you will possibly require using an electronic tool or tester, also referred to as a multimeter. In case you didn’t know yet, a multimeter is a piece of an electric test device that’s utilized to identify whether or not there’s an electronic voltage and is somewhat a critical device for working with electronics.

It’s an accurate and safe way to check for electric current in different electronic devices such as batteries and lamps. However, they can also be utilized for nearly anything that runs on electricity, such as wires, outlets, and switches. 

Every electrician carries an electronic meter, and most of your work in HVAC needs electrical knowledge. That’s why this is a very crucial tool for you. One of the leading companies offering high and superior quality multimeters is Fieldpiece Instruments.

Who is Fieldpiece Instruments? 

Fieldpiece Instruments is a company designing and selling handheld tools for field service technicians within the HVAC industry as well as electrical and electronic industries to measure electrical readings, humidity, air flow, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and even particle numbers.

The company designed the modular “stick” style multimeter along with accessory heads. Some of their products involve test leads, handles, combustion testing instruments, stand-alone meters, data loggers, clamp meters, test meters, field packs, thermocouples, cases, and accessories. Fieldpiece was established by owner and president Rey Harju in 1990. 

They were incorporated in the same year in California and are presently located in Anaheim. Nearly half of their existing staff is certified HVACR that speaks to their commitment to the industry they serve. Further, their product features are all motivated by those using the products within the field regularly, not to mention they ride together with active technicians in the field to observe how they work along with their tools.

That enables the company to create the best-designed test instruments for the HVACR technicians these days. Fieldpiece Instruments is currently represented on all of the six major continents in the world. 

What are their Best Multimeters from Fieldpiece 

When you talk about Fieldpiece, you will find two products associated with them: Fieldpiece SC260 and Fieldpiece HS36. These two are the most popular multimeters you can find in the market today. Let’s talk more about them. 

  • Fieldpiece SC260

This multimeter from Fieldpiece is the best quality product for automotive and HVACR purposes. The product weighs 1.08 pounds and features a very compact design. Along with its thin and tall structure, it will fit perfectly in your hand and guarantee comfort.

This Fieldpiece clamp multimeter with flexible features like its capability to measure temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The best part about it is that it’s also a True RMS multimeter, which guarantees its accuracy and reliability. 

You don’t need to have difficulty with this multimeter. As a newbie, you’ll find it simple to use because of its automatic select mode. It’s also geared with the backlit digital display for more convenience.

Would you like a hands-free measuring experience? The SC260 Fieldpiece Multimeter has that as well. It has a robust swivel base allowing you to utilize it without having to touch it. The multimeter measures capacitance, ampere, resistance, voltage, AC, and DC. 

When it comes to security and safety, this multimeter is top-notch with its indicator and alarm functionality. It goes off when there’s a high voltage. Have we already mentioned it has a low battery indicator as well to inform you ahead? 

Overall, the Fieldpiece SC260 Multimeter has all the extra features you can ask for. It’s a perfect choice for commercial and professional applications. Nonetheless, it may be too much for residential use. What’s more, it has a sturdy and strong build that will meet the needs of any commercial environment. 

  • Fieldpiece HS36

The HS36 multimeter from Fieldpiece is a True RMS multimeter that makes it a perfect option. It weighs 1.35 pounds, which indicates it’s extremely compact and simple to handle. One of the things you will notice about this multimeter is that it has a unique, vibrant, and yellow-colored look, along with a backlit LED screen. 

What’s even more remarkable about this device is its in-built magnetic hangers allowing you to test a device or appliance without you holding it by yourself. Isn’t it amazing? 

This device is also safeguarded with a strong ABS case. It has an ergonomic form and fits easily in your hand without causing any problems with the handling. That makes the device suitable and ideal for professional and commercial use.

This auto-ranging and highly accurate multimeter boasts a non-contact voltage technology, which adds further to its reliability and safety. The tool also features an auto power-off feature that guarantees that its battery power is effectively utilized and does not go to waste when not in use. Amazing, right? 

The HS36 True RMS multimeter is one of the best and most sought-after multimeters today. It features in-built lead storage, and it can measure a temperature of at least 1,000 degrees. It also comes with a meter case, silicone leads, user manual, and 9V batteries. 

How Do You Use a Fieldpiece Multimeter?

Digital and analog multimeters from Fieldpiece have the same functionality and are operated the same way at the most basic level. A Fieldpiece multimeter has a black and red lead, along with three ports. You need to plug the black lead in the common or COM port, and the read lead will go in one of the remaining ports.

To start, you need to make sure the circuit you’re testing doesn’t have a higher voltage than the capacity of the multimeter. 

You should utilize the knob or the selector in the center to pick how you like to use the multimeter. Would you like to test a direct circuit or DC? Then you need to pick the DC option at a specific voltage. 

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a reliable and quality multimeter you can use for your HVACR uses? You can rest assured that a Fieldpiece multimeter is a decent tool, especially if you are searching for a device with a wide array of uses.

It’s simple to use and does not pose any problems to beginners. If you’re a HVAC professional, you won’t regret getting this multimeter today.

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