How to Use a Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter

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Fluke multimeters are no doubt a feature on many individual’s tool belts. They are considered the test devices that are popular to feature remarkable functionality. Any Fluke multimeter offers the necessary support for all maintenance professionals: premium product warranty, safety features, consistent and dependable performance, and of course, accurate results. 

Many professionals and specialists would approve that Fluke multimeters are the top electrical testing tool today. It can deal with units crucial in automotive, HVAC, compact, and other industrial categories too. Nonetheless, Fluke multimeters do not simply cater to huge commercial projects. Their products are also intended to fit the requirements of handymen. 

It is given that these multimeters are among the leading in the market with their durability, efficiency, and affordability. Yet, it’s still a challenging task to identify which multimeter is suitable for your line of work and the number of hours you will be using the equipment.

So, allow us to present you one of the best and highly sought multimeters from Fluke: introducing Fluke 87 True RMS multimeter! This post talks about the amazing features of this meter and how you can make the most out of it. 

Are you ready? Without further ado, let’s begin! 

What is Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter?

Did you know that the Fluke 87V digital multimeter is the flexible True RMS multimeter intended for professionals and even around-the-house handymen? This meter offers a manual and auto-ranging feature for optimum versatility, not to mention it offers a yearly bar graph for simple and fast-changing or even unpredictable signals.

This multimeter from Fluke has a removable holster along with built-in test lead and probe storage. For added convenience, it comes ready to proceed with TL75 test prospects along with a 9-volt battery. 

Fluke 87V True RMS multimeter offers accurate frequency measurements on ADS as it has a low-pass filter. The filter is created by Fluke themselves. The unit also has a built-in thermometer and dual display resolution of 6,000 or 20,000 counts, which eases to see even a tiny change in the reading.

The data hold feature will make your life much simpler during your troubleshooting process. That will come in handy for you, especially if you’re a newbie in this field. For any wrong connection into the input jack, the multimeter will beep as an indicator. 

Another awesome thing about this is that you can disable the auto-ranging system if you like to go to a manual setting. This highly popular multimeter also comes with a lot of features that will certainly fit into your budget. 

The Accuracy on Fluke 87V True RMS Multimeter

The best thing the Fluke 87V does is its capability to generate a result without any trouble. Choose the metric you like to measure, attach the leads, and the multimeter will create a reliable and accurate result in just a fraction of a second. 

Not just does the meter automatically identify the proper range, but it also generates a high precision result. Isn’t it amazing?

For example, the default 6,000 count update speed isn’t quick enough for you. A single button press turns your multimeter into a 20,000-count device! How awesome is that? Further, AC voltages are calculated in a true RMs way that is essential to accomplish the best accuracy specified on the spec sheet.

All that converts into a flawless and smooth user experience. As you can tell, this multimeter does all the hard work and leaves you free to interpret the result. 

How About Safety? What are Its Safety Features? 

The difference between a professional and a cheap-grade multimeter normally extends to the safety features. You see, multimeters could melt or explode when it’s exposed to voltage or current spikes. Meanwhile, quality multimeters mitigate such risks in a wide array of ways.

Every input of the Fluke 87V True RMS multimeter is safeguarded with high rupture capacity fuses containing blasts better than the standard fuses. The sockets are then isolated from each other and the other circuit board parts by an air gap and a few blast shields. That lowers the chance of current finding its way into places where it could do damage by arcing across the gap. 

Have we already mentioned that the Fluke 87V is CAT III and IV approved? That only suggests it will fail safely when it is exposed to current or voltage increases of less than 1,000 volts and 600 volts, accordingly. Moreover, probing a high voltage circuit along with an unrated multimeter is a risky proposition.

Uses of Fluke 87 True RMS multimeter

The Fluke 87V True RMS multimeter is such overkill for residential electrical jobs. You will find a lot of multimeters on the market today, some created by Fluke themselves that create the same results at a lower cost.

If you are doing some commercial jobs involving higher voltages, the Fluke 87V’s safety features come into their own. The multimeter is an excellent all-around troubleshooting device for any commercial electrician. However, it won’t be the only meter in their toolbox.

Also, the Fluke 87V shines when working along with electronics. It’s an all-time favorite in design firms and labs worldwide. The multimeter itself has all the features needed to make it a perfect device on any electronics workbench. 

Assembly plants and electronic repair shops often utilize this meter for process control in a setting where a malfunctioning meter could cause rework costs to pile up fast. Fortunately, the ease of use and reliability of the Fluke 87V True RMS multimeter make up for the meter’s high initial cost.

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, if you are only searching for a single digital multimeter that can do everything, there’s no doubt that the Fluke 87V is a perfect option. It will serve you well for many years to come. 

If you want a simple to use and a reliable multimeter, there are no ways around this device. Certainly, the price is a bit high, but Fluke provides excellent value in return. This model could be the last meter you buy in a long time.

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