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History 101 - The Modern Soldering Iron

History 101 – The Modern Soldering Iron

The art of joining metals together has been recorded as far back as about 5,000 years ago. The first evidence of soldering and irons used in the process can be traced back to Mesopotamia.   While evidence points to that time period, techniques like soldering and brazing are believed to have originated very early in […]

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3 Fun Projects to Do with a Soldering Iron

If you want to get more into DIY projects and dive into the world of working with electronics, you need to learn how to solder. While you can use soldering in non-electrical activities, like jewelry making, many projects will deal with electronics.   It’s okay to be a little wary of working with a hot […]

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What Is the Function of Soldering Iron The Basic Six

What Is the Function of Soldering Iron: The Basic Six

When answering, what is the function of soldering irons, they have plenty of different functions that you can use to your advantage. Learn more.

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How to Keep Soldering Iron from Oxidizing Tool Care Tips

How to Keep Soldering Irons from Oxidizing: Tool Care Tips

When it comes to learning how to keep soldering iron from oxidizing, the best thing that you can do is take a lot of precautions in how you store your iron.

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How to Buy Soldering Irons Things to Look For

How to Buy Soldering Irons: Things to Look For

Choosing the right soldering iron can be tough, especially for beginners, and knowing how to buy soldering irons is of utmost importance.

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How Hot Does a Soldering Iron Get

How Hot Does a Soldering Iron Get?

It’s not only important to know how hot does a soldering iron get, but also what temperature settings are recommended for different materials.

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