What Can I Make and Sell with a 3D Printer?

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Thanks to 3D technology, you can now create items that feature unique shapes and have lighter parts. You thus only need to perfect your 3D printing skills and then start making 3D models using your 3D printer to sell for a profit.

This process is usually straightforward and more energy efficient in comparison to traditional methods of manufacturing. Moreover, the possibilities are infinite and comprise numerous product specializations.

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Therefore, here are some several product ideas you need to consider for you to start making money by taking advantage of this 3D technology.

​Great Ideas for 3D printed products

3D Printed Vases

A vase is usually used as a piece of home décor, and that brings out the elegance to your living room. Therefore, you can use your 3D printer to create 3D printed vases that are typically customizable, light, and resistant to easy breakage compared to the traditional models which are bulky, complex to make, and fragile. Furthermore, 3D printed vases incorporate a precise design as well as needs little quantity of materials.

If you are looking to make money selling 3D printed vases, all you need to do is create a vase for any niche so long as it integrates a premium and unique design. Subsequently, you can make lots of money selling these products, especially if your creativity is exceptional.

You should consider this product as it is easy to set up and construct, plus you do not need a lot of experience. However, you need to include your brand marks on all your 3D printed vases as well as regularly come up with fresh designs to deter competitors from copying your designs.

3D printed Flip-flops and Slippers

Most individuals would readily pay a substantial amount of money for a pair of customizable and ultra-comfy pair of slippers to use in their day to day activities. The reason for this is that foot pain is one of the nagging issues that affect many people at one point in their lives.

Additionally, the flip flops produced by large manufacturers often lack any customization; hence, they usually cause you a lot of discomforts as they build on your body and come in different shapes as well as sizes. Therefore, if you have a 3D printer, you should maximize with this gap in the market to develop a pair of slippers that are available in different volumes, sizes, shapes, and are comfy to wear.

You can easily get various materials that guarantee your buyers with ultimate comfort as well as more resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, you can customize your slippers depending on your customer’s preference, and this will further help you boost your sales.

3D Architectural Models

Before the use of 3D printing technology to design architectural models, architects usually had a tough time. This is because the structural materials used in the past included foam, wood as well as cardboard, all of which were not very durable. Additionally, the process of developing these architectural models was not only tedious but also lengthy.

Because of all the drawbacks of the previous material, architects decided to use 3D printed models instead. Therefore, you can start making money by creating these architectural models, which are typically more convenient and precise, as well as reusable and accurate. Moreover, your designs need to create a perfect illustration of your client’s needs to make it easier for them to focus on other aspects of their projects that need attention.

3D printed jewelry and gems

Many people usually want to gift a loved one with a piece of distinctive jewelry as a show of affection.

Moreover, both the design and the materials used in making the gem or jewelry need to bring out elegance. You can take advantage of this demand for such products by using your 3D printer to create gems and jewelry that are of high-quality and ooze of class.

However, you will not print jewelry using the 3D printer but instead wax resins or plastic molders where you subsequently pour the melted metal depending to design created in CAD. Once the metal solidifies, it takes the mold’s design, thereby making the process of making jewelry even shorter, more reliable, and more precise, unlike the traditional methods.

Nevertheless, you need to go through thorough training for you to make money using your 3D printer from this lucrative industry.

Customizable earbuds

You can also create customized earbuds using your 3D printer and then selling the pieces for profit. Whereas most customers prioritize the sound quality of earbuds, they also value how comfortable they feel. Thus, you can build these custom earbuds for your clients by first measuring the ear size to hence guaranteeing them a noise reduction feature as well as a guaranteed of ultimate comfort. Moreover, thanks to a 3D printer, manufacturing these earbuds is not only economical but also simple to print.

Movie props

Entertainment is a multi-billion-dollar industry that you can also profit from by creating a movie and TV shows props using your 3D printer. For you to make a substantial amount of money, you need to start building the famous as well as fan favorites characters that typically attract higher prices.

An excellent example of such movie props includes those from the Star Wars franchise props, which are always in high demand and sold at a premium. Furthermore, you should consider printing these 3D models in real-life sizes too to boost your sales further.

Therefore, if you feel you are talented enough to create a high-quality and well-designed movie prop, start using your 3D printer, and you are almost guaranteed of astronomical profits. Nevertheless, this project can sometimes get too stressful and demanding hence the need to automate some of the tasks.

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Additionally, you also need to copyright your products unless you are confident you can come up with a design that is difficult to duplicate.


Having read through the article, you now know a few of the ways you can use your 3D printer to earn money. Therefore, all you need to do is finding the right product and venturing into this lucrative business. Consequently, you will be generating a significant amount of profit just after selling a few of your 3D models, which are simple to create, durable, and unique.

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