Why Are 3D Printers Important?

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It is not a dumb question…

Many people ask this same question whenever a new invention comes on the market. It takes a while for those new inventions to become popular as people cannot see how it is important to them.

For 3D printers their widespread acceptance and use will be determined by how important the device is in an industry. Medical and education level as well as for home application.

When people start to see the contribution they can make to their families, their neighbors and society in general then 3D printing may finally get out of the slow lane and begin to really boom. Just keep reading to see how important 3D printers have become already.

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Why Are 3D Printers Important?

To answer this question all you have to do is look at the major contributions 3D is making throughout the world of manufacturing and medicine. Here are some of those contributions that will affect you in the long run, either directly or indirectly.

#1. medicine- doctors get better training through using 3D models instead of live patients to hone their skills.In looking at the models they can see more, find those hidden spots where cancer cells are not normally detected and surgeons get better practice so they do not harm a patient through an avoidable error.

#2. healthcare- patients can receive different implants to help them return to a normal active life without too much pain or time lost. Hip, knee and other bone replacements go smoother and are less costly. Also, there are different organs that can be replicated to help a patient overcome a medical problem.

#3. auto industry– hard to get parts can be printed a lot easier and save you or your mechanic time, shipping hassles as well as avoid delays in repairs. In one home use a home mechanic can print off a part he needs without losing any time hunting down the part at a traditional parts store. Also, they can print tools instead of buying new.

#4. fashion– fashion designers are using 3D printers to boost their prestige and reputation for innovative and creative designs. Plus, if you need a hobby, you can create your own line of hand bags, hoes and other clothing accessories and print to order, customize as well as do other fashion options.

#5. inventions– for the home and commercial inventor the 3D printer helps create models to show their designs to interested backers. Or they can make prototypes to show how their device can make another task easier to do.

These are the broad uses of society that illustrate how important 3D printers are. These contributions will affect you in some way and who knows, maybe your surgeon became highly skilled through using a 3D print as a practice tool.

Why are 3D printers important to you?

There may be an off chance that you are not impressed by the general contribution 3D printers are making right now. Here are some reasons why these devices should be important to you:

 1.Gives you a creative outletYou can expand your creative talent by making innovative designs that can decorate different homes, etc. Or impress the world of art
 2.Make yourself more valuableYou can learn new skills and find employment as a 3D printer operator or designer
 3.Help educate your childrenInstead of letting them play video games, or watch tv, give them hands on tasks that teaches them new skills and information
 4.Help the environment Print the items you need using biodegradable filament, and stop using your car. Instead of going out, print it.
 5.It will be funGood clean fun is always welcome and you can spend quality time with your kids printing up different toys or other objects
 6.Quality timeSpend it with your kids and do projects together. They will appreciate the time you give them and draw you all closer together
 7.Make some pocket moneyOpen up your own 3D printing service and charge for your time, etc., and make a little extra money on the side
 8.You are in controlBeing in control means you make the decisions and keep production up to your standards
 9.Create unique giftsThose are to shop for people may be easier to find a gift for by printing it instead of spending hours in the mall hunting down something unique to buy
10.Save time and moneyCut out shipping costs and time, put less gas in your car and cut the wait down for the right part of the product. 3D printing saves you both when you need it

One way to learn about the importance of 3D printers

This is a situation where you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy the printer model everyone is talking about or its materials. With little investment you can download different designs from those open source websites for free, then take those files to a 3D printing service.

There you can see what 3D printing is all about for a nominal printing fee and learn a little bit about the printing process. Then you can think up what you need done around the house and see if owning a 3D printer is worthwhile or not.

Right now initial investments in these devices are quite high and there is no need to spend that money if you have no use for the printer. But if you have lots of grandkids, the investment may be worth it and helps you make unique gifts for them all every year and save.

Some final words

The importance of 3D printers may be more on the upper levels of society. But even there you will benefit from their use and eventually see what you can do with the device yourself for your home applications.

Sometimes the importance doesn’t always show up right away and you need to experience the device to see all the possibilities. 

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