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Hand Tools for Fun is the epitome of all things DIY. There are many processes, such as getting welding done and device testing, that you can do quite easily. While you’re all but guaranteed great results by hiring a professional, you can save a buck and learn quite a bit if you tackle these hurdles on your own.

We’re here to bring you one step closer to that goal. Our immense experience with numerous tools allows us to provide you with valuable information for your home projects.

Our content falls into many broad categories. To get the best experience, it’s likely that you may have to dabble into our wealth of knowledge across both all categories. 

We Feature articles that are focused on bringing some of the most insightful tips and tricks to your projects. Our extensive catalog includes content on using comprehensive tools, such as multimeters, 3D printers, and soldering irons.

While you may be familiar with many of these tools, the possibilities that you can achieve with them are endless. For example, have you ever considered the possibility of creating a working gun using a 3D printer? 

Not only do we explain the uses and effectiveness of these tools, but we also challenge you to get as innovative as possible as you use them to tremendous effect. Note that all the advice provided is well researched and tested. Therefore, once you use the acquired knowledge in the prescribed manner, some interesting times are ahead.


It wouldn’t be a complete compilation of information without detailed reviews of various tools that you can employ. Naturally, there are numerous variations and brands that produce the said tools and put them on the market. If you plan to jump into a DIY project based on our advice, then you need the right tools at hand to create a success story.

Therefore, we provide complete reviews with the kind of comparative data that allows you to make informed decisions at purchase time. These reviews include specifications, contrasting points, pros and cons, as well as links to facilitate any desired purchases. Note that many of our reviews also consider specific situations, such as established budgets, or a target demographic.

User Involvement

Though we provide you with a ton of reading material, what we aim to achieve is more than just a passive experience. We want to create a community built on a foundation of mutual understanding, appreciation, and incorporation of tools in a slew of DIY experiences.

To that end, feel free to provide us with comments, queries, and recommendations as you explore our content. It doesn’t stop there either, as you can follow us on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. 

We look forward to having you here, and we intend to provide you with a constant stream of relevant information and recommendations surrounding your favorite tools and those that you are yet to discover with us.