Best Soldering Iron for Stained Glass of 2019 Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Soldering Iron for Stained Glass of 2019 Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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A high-quality precision-engineering soldering iron is an asset to anyone who creates stained glass. As a stained glass artist, you need a soldering iron which not only heats up in record time but also but that can retain its high heat for a prolonged period.

This guide to the best soldering irons for stained glass of 2019 will look at the top five brands available, while also explaining what design factors make a part of all good soldering irons.

We’ll finish off by answering all your frequently asked questions before wrapping up with a final verdict tell you which wins best soldering iron for stained glass this year.

Comparison Chart

Weller WLC200 80 Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station

TasiHome 110 V 60W Soldering Iron Kit With Temperature Adjustment

American Beauty Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron, 14″ Length, 5/8″ Diamond Tip

Hakko FX601-02 Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 67 Watts

Choice 100W soldering iron

Best ​Soldering Iron for Stained Glass Reviews

1. ​Weller WLC200 80-Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station

The Weller WLC 200 80-Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station is a trusted choice exhibiting outstanding quality and value. Its wide temperature range, durable base, and midsized chisel tip are ideal for any artist or hobbyist.

As a brand, Weller is well known for creating precision engineering products which remain affordable The WLC200 is no exception, beating almost all its competition in most regards. Let’s look closer at what makes this stained glass soldering station from Weller one of the best.

Product Highlights

The sheer quality of manufacturing of this soldiering station from Weller is impressive. At 120V/60-watt, this soldering iron has a variable power output of between 5 and 80 watts.

The soldering tips are made using a copper core and a combination of iron, nickel and chromium plating, reaching a maximum temperature of 900°F.

At 3/8-inch with a chisel shape, the corrosion-resistant tip is ideal for stained glass. It is a soldering iron which heats and recovers quickly. There is barely any waiting, while the cleaning sponge and spring stand are extremely practical.

What's to like about the ​Weller WLC200 80-Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station

Weller’s soldering station oozes practicality. You’ll be thanking yourself for buying it time and time again when its functionality rises to the fore. Keeping the tip of your soldering iron clean is effortless, and the spring stand works wonderfully, letting you drop the iron into its holder at a glance instead of having to slot it in carefully.

There are also two tips provided, a lightweight pencil tip and a 3/8-inch chisel tip. Finally, the 7-year warranty supplied by Weller if a decision-maker for many buyers.

What's not to like about the ​Weller WLC200 80-Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station

The standard chisel head supplied is a bit too large for fine stained glass work. Devoted artists will need to buy themselves the smaller replacement tip but this is the only minor caveat.

Even though two tips are supplied, the right size for stained glass is Buyers should also note that both the stand and the soldering iron itself require power.


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    ​7-year guarantee
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    ​Temperature control
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    ​Soldering stand with sponge
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    ​Superior quality of manufacturing