How to Check UPS Battery Voltage with a Multimeter

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Whoever came up with the concept of UPS batteries did a wonderful service to computer users. Among its many uses, it helps you shut down your computer properly. That might not seem like a major thing, but you should never ignore it, consider the negative impacts that sudden shutdowns have on the registry.

Apart from efficient and safe shutdowns, a UPS also helps you safeguard your computer from any power surges. That’s one of the typical reasons you should get the best device available in the market today.

What is a UPS Battery? 

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a system intended to offer you backup power every time you need to save data. You will find many things that may cause you to lose data. For example, you can experience a sudden power blackout.

At times, the blackouts can happen suddenly without any notice. Folks using iPads, laptops, and other related gadgets are extremely fortunate as they have devices that can store power for a longer time. Nonetheless, people working in offices who use desktops face another problem. If you’re one of them, you know what we’re trying to say. Lucky for you because UPS batteries are here to the rescue. 

UPS batteries offer backup power to computers during sudden power outages. You know how batteries play a crucial role for nearly all electronic gadgets like CD players, calculators, and Walkman. Uninterrupted power is critical for some electronic appliances like computers.

It’s also vital in hospitals during surgical processes. You see, UPS batteries offer an uninterrupted power supply to appliances. 

How does a UPS battery work?

The battery is fixed between the computer and the power source. The work of the device can be identified into two parts. First, you can use the system as a backup power source. Keep in mind that the battery is recharged when there’s electricity.

When charging, the system stores some of the power for use when the standard power supply is no longer accessible. The duration taken to completely charge the battery will vary from one device to another to the next. That’s obvious as there are other units that are bigger than others, and they might take hours before they’re completely charged. Still, technology has noticed the emergence of batteries, which can be fully charged within a limited time. 

Did you know that the battery also functions as a power regulator? Power surges are popular for causing damage to many electrical appliances. Apart from power surges, power spikes are equally damaging. A power spike talks about a sudden surge in power because of specific events, but one of the common causes for this is lighting

Take note that you have no control over these occurrences. Still, they have a detrimental impact on appliances and electrical machines. UPS batteries function as a regulator, and they will lower the current reaching your computer, making sure your computer gets only the suggested voltage. 

Common features of using a UPS battery

You will find numerous types of UPS battery devices accessible for a wide array of uses. Such backup devices are normally utilized in commercial centers and offices to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted power to computer systems. A UPS battery is composed of two crucial functions.

  • Serve as a power regulator

One of the key functions of a UPS battery is to act as a power regulator. Power surges and power spikes are quite typical nowadays. It can cause irreversible damages to your electrical devices and appliances. 

Lighting is one of the common causes of power spikes. Such batteries control excess power and regulate the amount of voltage to be supplied to your computers and other electrical devices.

  • Serve as a power source

Another crucial function of such batteries is to offer a backup power source. These batteries are recharged when there’s a power supply. Moreover, the batteries utilize the stored power to back up the devices when the standard power supply or electric supply is turned off.

Some of the batteries are big in size and need time to recharge. The period taken to recharge the batteries varies from other. With the recent advancements in technology and science, different new features have been added to existing devices. These days, batteries need less amount of time to recharge. 

How do you test the voltage of your UPS battery? 

Using a digital multimeter is one of the best ways to test the overall voltage of your UPS battery. Follow the steps below, so you are properly guided:

  1. Grab your digital multimeter and bring your UPS battery. Turn the switch dial of the meter to DC voltage measurement to measure the voltage properly. That should be done as the battery produces DC power. That also indicates you need to test it with the same unit. 
  1. Make sure you’re familiar with the maximum voltage of the battery first. Now, set your dial to the maximum volt range.
  1. Attach your test probes to the battery cell, along with the black wire connecting to the negative. The red wire should attach to the positive. Now, check the reading on your multimeter’s display. Do you receive a reading that’s higher than seven for a 9—volt UPS battery? Then it means your device is still functional, and it will last for some more time.

Meanwhile, if your UPS battery is a dead one, it will give results below one. If that’s the case, you need to get a new UPS battery. Oftentimes, that’s enough to determine the voltage to get a clear understanding of the UPS battery. 

Final Thoughts

UPS batteries are accessible in numerous forms and brands. You will find a wide array of online stores highlighting a variety of batteries offering backup power to electrical devices. Most suppliers and dealers online provide backup batteries at affordable price rates.

Some of such batteries are utilized for domestic purposes, while there are some selections suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. Make sure you pick the right type of device to guarantee a smooth and flawless uninterrupted power supply.

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