How to Use an Innova 3306 Multimeter

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Let’s face it. A multimeter is one of the most versatile and practical tools in a campervan toolkit. When you install a campervan electrical system, you will utilize a handy device all the time. You will test your cable continuity, battery levels, the output of the solar panel, and many more. 

Even after your van conversion is done, your multimeter is the initial tool to reach for when you come across electrical issues on the road. One of the typically utilized multimeters today is the Innova 3306 Multimeter.

Today’s post will explain what you can use a multimeter for, why you need to consider it a compulsory bit of kit, and practical tips on how to use it. We will also go through where to store your multimeter leads whenever you are taking measurements, the proper settings to use, and things to look for when purchasing one. 

What is the Innova 3306 Multimeter?

The Innova 3306 Multimeter is a hands-free, entry-level multimeter created to troubleshoot a wide array of household and automotive electrical issues. The base of the 3300 series of multimeters by this sought-after American brand is for general-purpose works, like testing socket outlets, fuses, batteries, and the like. 

A versatile multimeter, the Innova 3306 is more for basic testing around the garage and home. Standard jobs involve checking for bike and car wiring, switches, batteries, electronic components, and circuit breakers.

It has a very similar look and design to its siblings, featuring a big display and side lead holders, even though it’s manual ranging only. That makes it complicated to use for those not acquainted with electrical systems as the proper angle will need to be manually picked before it can be tested properly. 

Do you really need a multimeter in your RV?

Take note that campervan electrical issues are not that good, but they are par for the course. Appliances can malfunction, parts can develop flaws, and batteries can seem to drain right away. A camper has many hundreds of meters of wires and various appliances and parts in its electrical design. When something goes wrong, that could be a huge troubleshooting minefield.

As you can guess, you need a device that will help you locate where the issue lies in your system and help determine the major cause of the problem. The Innova 3306 Multimeter is the tool you need for the job.

Without it, the only best way to determine and evaluate problems is to call a technician, who will bring their multimeter with them. You will use a multimeter each step of the way when installing any aspect of your campervan electrics. Ensure you add one to your camper’s toolkit. 

The structure of a digital multimeter

 Modern multimeters like the Innova 3306 Multimeter come in a wide array of shapes and colors. Others have an added features and buttons, but all have the same basic parts such as:

  • A selection dial for picking electrical scales and the measurement is taken
  • Three ports to connect the probes
  • One red probe and black probe to take the measurements
  • An LCD screen to show measurements 

The three parts on your multimeter are uniquely labeled:

  • a 10A port is utilized to attach the red probe when testing currents of at least ten amps. It has a limited use in an RV or campervan. 
  • mAVΩ is utilized to attach the red probe when testing continuity, voltage, and resistance.
  • COM refers to common and is utilized to attach the black probe. It is the reference point for the ground or earth of the circuit. 

How can you use an Innova 3306 Multimeter for your campervan needs? 

You will find numerous ways an Innova 3306 Multimeter comes in handy when living inside a van. Below are some of the typical uses, all practical for assessing electrical issues.

  • Check the supply voltage of the appliance to help determine an issue.
  • Verify the inverter is outputting the proper AC voltage.
  • Determine damaged or broken wires by measuring circuit continuity.
  • Test battery voltage to determine its charging state
  • Using a digital multimeter volt reading is helpful to determine if the fuse is blown without getting rid of it to check visibly. 
  • Verify what voltage the hookup of your campground is supplying. Other regions supply both 240 volts and 110 volts. You need to use the proper voltage for the setup. 
  • Identify if the pedestal of your campground is functioning properly. If you have hooked up, but the battery is not charging, use the Innova 3306 Multimeter to determine if the outlet offers any voltage. 

As you can tell, it is very challenging to troubleshoot any electrical issues without the help of a multimeter. 

Just a precautionary measure, though. Keep in mind that electricity can cause severe injury or worse, death to you and substantial damage to your vehicle. Leaving troubleshooting and installation to the experts is an excellent idea if you are not aware of what you are doing. But at least, make sure you have a good understanding of the basics to help you stay safe at all times. 

You will also find essential settings on your multimeter that you need to be well familiar with. For instance, the selection dial changes the circuitry resistance of the multimeter to read resistance, current, and voltage. 

You will find symbols on the dial. Others are strange, so here is a brief explanation of what each symbol suggests:

  • M – one million
  • k – one thousand
  • m – one thousandth 
  • μ – one-millionth or micro
  • A – amps 
  • Ω – ohms 
  • V ⎓ – DC voltage
  • V∽ – AC voltage 

You will also find dials around the dials. You can utilize that to choose the measurement scale. 

Final Thoughts

For most people, usability is one of the critical aspects of a multimeter. It could have all the excellent features in the world, but if you cannot find a comfortable way to use it, a multimeter is only a hunk of copper and plastic.

For us, the Innova 3306 Multimeter is a good combination of features and functionality. We hope you find this post engaging and informative at the same time. Are you ready to get your own multimeter?

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