Types of Crimping Tools

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If you are working with wiring and electronics, you may need a few special tools. One of the most commonly used tools for electrical equipment is called a crimping tool.

This tool will join two wires. There are many types of crimping tools, which this article discusses. Let’s look at both the categories and types of crimping tools.

What is a Crimping Tool?

This is a handheld tool that somewhat looks like a pair of pliers. It is designed to connect two wires to each other. Some people refer to this as a cold welding process that does not use any heat.

Crimping tools are designed to deform either the end of one wire or both wires to hold them together. The wires are placed into the crimping tool, and the handles are then squeezed together.

Simply put, a crimping tool squeezes two wires securely together.

There is usually a plastic connector covering both ends of the wires to make one secure joint. The result is what is known as a crimp.

Categories of Crimping Tools

There are various categories of crimping tools which are generally decided by what powers the crimping tool.

However, this is not the only thing that decides which category a crimping tool belongs to. Let’s look at the five crimping tool categories you will have access to.

Handheld Crimping Tool

The handheld crimping tool is a relatively small manually operated. Moreover, these are lightweight and relatively portable, used for fairly small items.

They look similar to regular pliers but have small clamps with a ridge on one side and a notch on the other. Squeezing the handles together pushes the wire and the connector into the notch and secures them.

Electrical Crimping Tool

The electrical crimping tool is usually battery-powered. However, it is pretty portable, so you can take it with you.

There is no manual labor involved, as the battery-powered motor does all the work. There are different electric crimping tool types, as you will discover below.

Benchtop Crimping Tools

Benchtop crimping tools are relatively large and heavy and mounted on a table or workbench.

They are generally powered by powerful electric motors and can handle pretty large tasks.

They are also designed to handle high-capacity jobs. However, some benchtop crimping models may be manually operated.

Pneumatic Crimping Tools

Pneumatic crimping tools use compressed air. These are for heavy-duty work, as pneumatic power tools provide much force.

The air pressure generated by these tools is tremendous and will handle large jobs requiring a lot of power. There are both benchtop and manual models.

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Finally, hydraulic crimping tools use hydraulic fluid to create pressure.

These are some of the strongest and heaviest-duty crimping tools. They are generally used for industrial applications where speed and power are needed. Pretty much no manual labor is involved.

Types of Crimping Tools

Types of Crimping Tools

We have covered the different categories of crimping tools, which generally refer to their size and power level. However, there are also various types of crimping tools.

These crimping tools are based on their function. Different crimping tools perform different jobs. Let’s look at the various types of crimping tools.

Bootlace Crimping Tools

The bootlace crimping tool is relatively standard. As you can probably tell by its name, these are designed to crimp bootlace ferrules or crimps, metal tubes with a color-coded insulation collar. They’re often used to stop multiple wires from splitting.

This crimping tool produces a lot of force to ensure a strong connection is made. However, they are also designed to be very precise. These also have ergonomic handles that make them comfortable to use.

Mini Crimping Tools

Mini, or miniature, crimping tools are also called mini crimping pins. They are designed for small spaces and precision work. However, they are very convenient for getting into tight spaces.

Some have rotatable flip-top heads that make them better for tight spaces. These are designed to join extremely thin wires that require precision but not much force.

Automotive Crimping Tools

Automotive electrical crimping tools create highly secure connections between the connectors and cables in a vehicle’s engine.

The types of cables include pre-insulated and non-insulated wires and ignition and battery terminals. In addition, you can find specific types of crimping tools for each of these electrical components.

Amp Crimping Tools

Then, there is the amp crimping tool. Amp connectors are devices that have multiple pins and plastic housings.

These are generally best for applying a specific force as they are very easy to hold and control. In addition, they create some of the strongest connections.

The RJ9 Crimping Tool

The RJ9 crimping tool is one of the most commonly used crimping tools. One feature of this type of crimping tool is that it comes with three dies, or crimping heads.

These are very versatile tools as the heads are compatible with three standard connector types, including RJ12, RJ11, and RJ45; you only need one tool for the three types of standard connectors.

The RJ45 Crimping Tool

Another standard crimping tool is the RJ45. This is a very powerful handheld crimper with a great deal of flexibility.

This crimping tool is compatible with several terminals, including CAT7, CAT6A, CAT5e, and CAT6.

The PEX Crimping Tool

Finally, there’s the PEX crimping tool. PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene, a plastic often used to make water pipes. This crimping tool is specially designed to be used with cross-linked polyethylene.

It is replacing traditional steel and copper pipes as the years go on because it’s easier to join these plastic lengths of tubing. It’s also easier to install than either steel or copper tubing.

When joining plastic tubing like this, you don’t have to do any welding but instead, need a PEX crimping tool.

They will firmly grip a pipe and apply a great deal of pressure. Usually, this pipe crimping method is used in combination with steel clamps for added support.

Final Thoughts on Types of Crimping Tools

You should now have all of the information you need to choose between the various types of crimping tools available.

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