What Can You Do with a Soldering Iron?

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Soldering iron is common among jewelers, metal workers, roofers as well as electronic technicians. It is a great tool used in joining two different metals using a solder hence creating a permanent joint.

You can use a soldering iron to carry out several projects, which include do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Furthermore, some of the soldering iron applications are relatively vital around your house, from repairing small holes in a metal item to fixing an automotive problem.

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You can use a soldering iron to perform almost any task; however, you should always put safety first. In this article, we shall help you answer the question; what can you do with a soldering iron?

What Can You Use A Soldering Iron For?

A solder composition will highly depend on its application. Usually, tin is considered the primary component of solder in the electronic industry. On the other hand, a solder that contains larger quantities of silver is often used in jewelry industries.

Initially, lead has been the primary component of a solder; however, since it constitutes a health hazard, it has been eliminated for use by plumbers, home hobbyists, and electrical technicians.

Nonetheless, roofers, as well as metal sheet workers, tend to use solder that has an equal amount of tin and lead, and it is commonly known as 50-50 solder.

Due to its accuracy and the fact that it cannot ignite materials being joined, the soldering iron feature several useful applications than a torch. Some of the soldering iron applications include:

Roof repair

Soldering iron is vital when it comes to repairing your roof; they have been designed to be effective when used on galvanized metals for joining as well as flashing sections of metal gutters.

The best part of using a soldering iron is that whether it is applied on gutter or roof, it will become waterproof once it cools down. This is a vital DIY project in case you require repairs during the rainy season.

Arts and crafts

One of the best ways to put your soldering iron into good use is by designing art and crafts. You can use it to create a stained glass window or a mosaic. You will only require a flat surface that you can use to create a design that will best suit you on top of 100 watts soldering iron, and you can use it to piece together pieces of colorful glasses.

Initially, artists used lead-based solder in a stained window glass; however, due to its toxic nature, artists have moved on to using lead-free solder in windows and mosaic. In addition to designing stained glass windows, a soldering iron is an essential tool that can be used in repairing pieces of glasses that tend to have loosened.

Auto repair

When it comes to auto repair, most of the metal joining is often performed using acetylene torches along with traditional welding on automobiles. However, soldering iron can still be useful when handling smaller tasks. Solders used in soldering are often too soft for a lasting engine repair that can be affected by pressure built in the engine.

You can, however, use a soldering iron in filling irregular cavities, smoothening rough edges, and tightening joints. This means that they are essential when it comes to making repairs to an electrical system.

Plumbing repair

If you want to make quick repairs to any metal pipe, including a copper pipe, soldering iron is the best way to go. However, it would be best if you considered using a lead-free solder to help in preventing lead exposure to the residents. Lead is well-known for its toxic nature; therefore, consider a lead-free solder.

Usually, plumbers use a torch in making repairs to pipes; however, when it comes to pipes that are located in areas with limited space to maneuver, a soldering pen or iron will be the most appropriate tool for use. You should consider using roofers soldering irons as well as guns for this type of repair. This is ideal since the tip will not heat up until the trigger gets depressed.

Circuit boards

Usually, a soldering iron guarantees contact between two wires and create a permanent joint. Additionally, solders will lock the wiring down to a circuit board. Since solder joints tend to be relatively small, it is common to use a soldering iron pencil in hooking up a power station that will allow the user to have full control of the temperature.

Soldering home projects

Unlike torches, soldering iron tends to have numerous uses that make it ideal for carrying out several home projects. Soldering, such as irons, guns, and pencils, have been designed for homes use are abundant. Furthermore, most of them are heated electrically and equipped with soldering tips, which you can use with a propane torch.

However, the type of home project you have will highly affect the type of soldering iron tool you will use. When it comes to tasks such as joining wires as well as circuit-board repairs will require a varying amount of heat and will need more control. Just like any other soldering project, the tips of the tool need to be kept clean every time.


Usually, jewelers use soldering irons and pens with interchangeable tips, and they tend to use accurate torches which burns butane or propane. Furthermore, solders used in jewelry tend to have silver in a higher percentage.

In addition to that, as a jeweler, you should consider using borax flux to help in reducing metal oxidation, which tends to form as you apply heat to a metal. It would be best if you kept in mind that flux is vital when carrying out any soldering project.

Final Thoughts

Soldering irons are used in electrical repairs, and you can use it in carrying several projects, as discussed in this article. While soldering iron is the best used in joining pieces of metal, there are several other functions you can use it, especially around your house. All that is required of you is to be a little bit creative and develop possible projects that you can use a soldering iron, and you find it very beneficial.

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