What Games Can the Raspberry Pi 4 Run?

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Raspberry pi 4 is an open-source platform known to write and run interactive scripts. Pi 4 is an affordable, practical introduction to professional-grade computing.

The device has evolved from a single core to a quad-core while maintaining a comparable market price. With special physical features such as RAM and processing units, the device’s use cases keep expanding.

One of the popular applications of the Raspberry Pi 4 is to play games through emulation. Running games has become relatively easy due to some custom packages designed to support gaming. The release of the powerful Pi 4 made it even more enticing. Such customs packages for gaming are now supported in your mini-pc hardware.

Turning your Raspberry pi 4 into a gaming console has always been a popular and fun project. The additional features of faster processing units and increased performance came with the latest version of Raspberry Pi.

Some gaming emulators exist for your Raspberry Pi 4, such as Retropie, Recalbox, Lakka, and many more. Let’s first discuss various gaming emulators that are used to run games on Raspberry Pi 4.

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Ways To Play Games On Raspberry Pi

Several emulators are used for running different types of games on raspberry pi 4 each having its unique pros and cons. On this page, we look at some of the custom packages that you can install.


Rectropie is probably one of the top-rated retro game emulator packages available. It’s highly customizable, and you can set it up to play hundreds of classic games like the original Doom. The emulation station run in Pi 4 provides a user-friendly interface and an easy way to configure controls and other settings.

Emulators come installed with Retropie, but there is a considerable library selection of packages you can install from the package manager. You can do some customization options such as change of the menu graphics, set up different configurations to control the gaming pad and make your Raspberry pi file system remain visible on your window network.


Recalbox is a new open source way you can run a game in Raspberry Pi. This emulator is a contender of rectropie that supports other ARM-based small-board computers. It’s easier to use its set up.

You have to copy some files to configure and start running your program. It also supports some game controllers. Recalbox is excellent if you want the complete retro gaming experience.


Lakka is a gaming package on Raspberry Pi 4 that functions similarly to Rectropie. It’s easily accessible, and you can apply it to run a number of classic games. It’s relatively easy to install and run. Lakka roms RetroArch, a front end of different emulators. It’s a suitable platform for gamers who want to explore a unique operating system.

Different Types of Games a Raspberry Pi 4 can Run

We have various types of video games a pi 4 can run, and they are categorized based on the characteristics of the underlying objectives. Here is a complete list of different types of video games a Raspberry pi 4 can run.

  • Action Games

Raspberry Pi supports games where the player is in control of the center action. This game comprises many physical challenges that you require to overcome as the player. Action games are easy to play on Pi 4, and make up the most common video games.

Action Subgenres:

Platformer. These kinds of games allow the characters to interact with platforms throughout the gameplay. Raspbian supports open-source games such as Super Mario Bros.

Shooter. Raspberry pi 4 mini-computers allow games that let players use weapons to engage in action. ‘Call of duty’ and ‘Halo’ make good examples of the games run on microprocessor.

Fighting. Hand-to-hand combat video games can be configured and run on the Raspbian or Linux processors. Raspberry Pi 4 features stable playable characters, with every player applying unique abilities. You can load ‘Street fighter’ in your system and use your fighting style to tackle fighting enemies. 

  • Action-Adventure Games

A game can be installed in Raspberry Pi 4 to support two mechanics that need to be conquered using a tool and an action element. ‘Legend of Zelda’ uses the concept to collect distant items and attack enemies. A game in this category has a significant focus on exploration and solving puzzles supporting the activity.

  • Adventure games

Raspberry pi 4 technology’s rise provides players with access to interact with their environment and other characters. It’s an interactive method to solve puzzles with clues in gameplay. ‘Myst’ is an excellent example of this category, which has become the best-selling pc video game.


Text Adventures. It’s a text-based play that prompts players to insert input commands in response to the programmed game story. It’s also called interactive fiction.

Graphic Adventures. As Raspberry Pi 4 became more suitable to create graphics that support texts, video games evolved. Initially, simple images were used to support texts, but with technology, a mouse came to allow players point and click interaction to the screen project.

  • Sport Games

Raspberry Pi 4 simulates sports like football and basketball. You can use computers as the opponent of these games or use a partner to take the form of a live opponent. Developers can create controllable pads to play FIFA and other racing sports like ‘Forza.’

  • Card games

Traditional games, such as chess and checkers, are still standing. With the new Raspberry Pi model, the world has become increasingly digital to run these games on microprocessors. These games are played using network-enabled platforms supported by Rapbian and other operating systems.


Following the release of the Raspberry Pi 4, many games are developed and run in microprocessors. You can enjoy singles games in a more modified technique away from the traditional gameplay. However, gameplay may differ depending on the game you run on the Raspberry Pi 4.

Installing and playing these games on Raspberry pi is straightforward. It’s always advisable to run the game on the desktop rather than from the command line. 

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