Who Makes Mac Tools Multimeters?

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A digital multimeter is one of the essential tools in the toolbox of any electronic hobbyist and a professional electrician. In fact, so much so that electronic lovers typically have more than one of them. Nonetheless, digital multimeters are utilized not just by electronic aficionados but also other experts such as car mechanics who have various needs with respect to the multimeter’s specifications.

Hence, an electronic hobbyist out there should learn before what specifications are suitable for their electronics works and what they should be searching for when purchasing a digital multimeter. The question now is, what is the best multimeter for the electronic job, and what should a beginner electronics hobbyist look for in their new digital multimeter?

The first multimeter was developed by British post office engineer Donald Macadie in 1820. It was an analog device along with a moving needle created to detect current. Some traditionalists like an old trusty analog model, but many contractors have retired them for the most easy-to-use digital multimeters.

Did you know that multimeters have changed since the rather big and sensitive contraptions they used to be? Today, they are heavy-duty digital versions that could take a knock or two. Further, digital multimeters are also cost-efficient compared to analog ones and more exact too. 

One of the names in the world of digital multimeters is Mac Tools. 

Introducing Mac Tools: Who Are They?

Mac Tools was established in 1938 by the Mechanics Tool and Forge Company by seven gentlemen with a goal to produce only the best and high-quality tools on the planet. In July 1938, in Ohio, the company contracted the Articles of Incorporation.

The state distributed 250 shares of no-par common stock where the company’s founders could only afford fifty-five shares. Secretary Otto Tucker and the president Ralph McPherson scraped at least $5,000 to secure a building and used machinery to begin their production. 

Success came to the company due to the big government contract they obtained in 1942. They further recapitalized in 1994 through the Securities Commission. Later on, they obtained a proposal from Clem Poole about the opening of a socket division. 

The company acknowledged the need to launch sockets into their production line. However, they didn’t have the means to finance the division’s opening at that time due to recent investments. 

In 1963, Mechanics Tool and Force changed their name to Mac Tools. That leaves the association between the Mac Allied and Mac Tools under the collective banner, even though the organization detached in 1979. 

To date, the company has more than 42,000 products in its line and still employs the direct sales tactic with a mobile sales force of distributors. Their philosophy of service, price, and excellent quality remain unaltered through the years.

Their diagnostic products, including their digital multimeters, can perform critical diagnostics, quick code information, and reprogramming across a wide array of objects and components. Their simple-to-use tools are also created to lower complexity and meet the requirements of all professional technicians out there. 

How Do Mac Tools Multimeters Work?

Much like a standard digital multimeter, Mac Tool’s meters use different methods for measuring various electrical signals. For anyone interested in understanding the ins and outs of their tools, this simple guide offers an overview of exactly what a Mac Tools multimeter is and how it works. 

A digital multimeter is an electronic tool for making electrical measurements of electrical properties like voltage level, current follow, or resistance. This tool also has a wide array of features, but most measure DC or AC volts, amperes, and ohms in one or more range. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Mac Tools Digital Multimeter?

  • LCD display

The LCD of a Mac Tools multimeter makes the device user-friendly, offering a better view for its user.

  • Portable size

These multimeters are simple to carry around as they’re extremely lightweight and don’t create any trouble. You won’t experience any concerns about its parts or anything as it’s not even heavy when assembled. Further, it’s portable for you to bring around anywhere, whether to your living space or working space.

  • Auto polarity

Multimeters have this quality to read negative values, particularly in voltage. You will receive a negative output when you put the probes into the opposite polarity. That’s also where a Mac Tools digital multimeter is more beneficial than others. 

  • No errors 

All parallax errors are removed by this device. If the pointer of an analog device is seen from a different angle, you’ll notice a different value. That’s basically the error, and a digital multimeter has that responsibility to solve the issue through its numerical display. 

  • Protected meter

Another advantage of a Mac Tools digital multimeter is that it has protection over any undesired input range. Therefore, the meter could be safeguarded from fault, overload, or misuse, making it an extra efficient and safe product. 

  • Guarantee accuracy

As you may know, this benefit is a definite one. A Mac Tools multimeter offers an output of at least four decimal places that a standard analog multimeter could never provide. Even the fluctuating readings are exact enough, as they’re close to the real measurement. However, we assure you that this device is the master at bringing the most convenient readings. 

  • High DMM

Hence, the input impedance or the resistance DMM is very high in this device. That’s why it does not influence the measurement. 

  • Microprocessors

A lot of modernized Mac Tools digital multimeters have microprocessors built inside them. That’s why they work to store all the readings for more processing. That makes this device convenient and extremely saving for the user. 

Final Thoughts

For the DIYers and beginners out there, the hands-free digital multimeters of Mac Tools are an economical device that gets every job done. Professionals seeking decent digital multimeter accessories for regular use on the job can also find them on their official website.

We hope this guide on the Mac Tools multimeters has been informative and helpful to you. What are your thoughts about this post? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.

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