How Can 3d Printers Be Used In The Classroom?

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It is taking education to another level

3D printing has many facets about it. It can be a manufacturer, creating different parts or prototypes or providing better medical care and so on. It can also help you find that unique hobby you have been spending years trying to find.

But one important facet that comes with 3D printing is how it can educate students or your children. It takes the classroom from boring textbooks to hands on learning that may inspire students to pursue constructive employment and forget about their video games.

To learn how 3D printing can be used in the classroom, just continue to read our article. It has the information that may motivate you to help your school obtain some 3D printers and make learning better.

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How can 3D printers be used in the classroom?

This is an interesting question as 3D printing is not made for every subject taught in public schools or higher education institutions. It is great for technology schools and engineering classes and many other subjects. Here are some ways this technology makes learning better:

  1. Creates a better learning environment the students are not limited to textbook learning only. They can see what the textbooks are teaching up close and personal
  2. Helps engagement one of the biggest teacher problems in the classroom is getting the students to participate. With a 3D printer on hand, this is not going to be a problem anymore. The problem will be picking one or two students to do the work out of a classroom of volunteers.
  3. Provides a new level of learning instead of dull assignments and reading material, students can actually build what they are being taught and help them learn different aspects of manufacturing and production. It can take the student from concept to completion

New invention for new educational applications

This chart should hep illustrate how the 3D printer is useful for the classroom and enhances education so that students are motivated and willing to learn:

1.Helps real world learningThis is important as students get a peek into their future and see what the real world is all about
2.Lets the teacher see how students thinkThe technology opens up new teaching moments and helps teachers see student weaknesses and strengths
3.Opens up creative processesStudent learn how to use their creative talent and explore new ways to print
4.Adds a level of experienceNot only do students get new knowledge and training, they also get experience in printing and how to use those models, etc
5.Develops new skillsNot everyone can be a printer. designing, file writing, and other parts of the printing process needs experienced and trained people
6.Can provide new educational materialNot only in printing and prints but in lesson planning and teaching key aspects of life as well

The technology is getting to the schools

It is said that over 70% of the schools today have a 3D printer on the grounds. This is at all levels of education. Not only is the 3D printer great for medical schools, pre-med classes, engineering, technology subjects at the college and post graduate levels, it is good for middle and high school students as well.

Adding a new element to their learning helps make 3D printing more popular for home use as well as give the students better training making school life more fun. Students can see that there is a future for them as they learn and see how 3D printing can provide employment opportunities and make other positive contributions.

The sad fact is that only about 9% of the teachers at those schools are using 3D printing in their classrooms. One of the issues that may be slowing the implementation of this device is standardized testing.

Teachers are forced to teach a certain way so that all students get the same information and can pass their tests. While the intent is correct, steps need to be taken to add 3D printers to boost education and help students become better students.

3D printers are not just for one subject

While it is tempting to have these devices used for toy making or some other enterprise that may help the school raise certain funds they need, there is a wealth of subjects where these devices can aid educating and get students more involved in life as well as caring for others.

Here are some other subjects that 3D printing can developed skilled students and get them motivated for the future:

  1. Medicine– creating models, new medical equipment, and supplies help students see that they do not need to be a doctor to help people
  2. Engineering- students can use their innovative thinking to create new designs that are safer for people to use while cutting the cost of construction and the time it takes to construct those needed items
  3. Auto industry– design and create old and new parts for cars making them cheaper yet stronger and better. Students can learn to fabricate out of production parts to help those with little money keep their vehicles on the road and safe to drive
  4. Aerospace– the students can learn how to advance space exploration and use their intelligence to create fundamental tools, parts, and other needed equipment to help man move beyond the moon
  5. Technology– creating new technology to help farmers, food producers etc., is another great use of 3D printing that should help students see that they have a purpose

Some final words

The sky’s the limit when it comes to classroom and education applications. It takes a motivated and skilled teacher to implement 3D printing in their classroom. But it can be and is being done today.

Helping students get better training makes them better citizens and helps the nation become stronger. Plus, it makes the classroom experience a lot easier, go smoother and makes sure the students get engaged in their studies. It may also help improve their GPA because the students see a purpose to what they are learning.

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