How Big Can 3D Printers Print?

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Contrary to popular belief…

Size does matter, especially when you are trying to create a unique 3D print that will astound the world. Not all 3D print projects are so tiny that they will fit in your pocket. You do have some choice in how big you can print and there are 3D printers out there that will accommodate those large size objectives.

It will only take a little research to find the printer that will print as large as you need to. Of course, some of those printers will not be affordable and only within the reach of those corporations with deep pockets.

To find out how large you can print, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you do not have to waste your time doing a lot of research.

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How Big Can 3D Printers Print?

Like anything else in this world, it seems that the sky’s the limit when you have the money to cover all the costs. There are 3D printers that are so large that they have built homes very quickly. Just to give you an idea, see the following:

  1. Largest WinSun manufacturer printer stands 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long. Its volume is roughly 2,500 cubic meters and so far this company has printed 10- 200 square meter homes in a day, an 1100 square meter villa and a 5 storey apartment building
  2. A company from Slovenia has a large 3D printer, not as large as WinSun’s, but its volume is 288 cubic meters. The largest object their BetAbram P1 3D printer built measured 16 by 9 by 2 meters
  3. Honorable mentions can produce car frames, molds, statues and more. The sky really is the limit when you want to go big

The savings large printers produce

While it is understood that the materials expenses will be high, that figure actually pales in comparison to the savings that can be had if you go large. Here is what you get by trying to pass the Joneses in 3D printing large objects:

  1. 10 times the efficiency
  2. 30 to 60% savings in costs
  3. Shorter production times by 50 to 70%
  4. Labor cost reductions range between 50 to 80%

The cost of going large

As we said earlier, going large is not going to be cheap and you are only paying this price for the 3D printer not the filament, electricity and accessories you will need. Here are some costs to give you an idea of what going large does to your bank account:

3D printerPrice tag
EB2076LXApprox 46,000 BP or roughly $60,000
Bet Abram12,000 BP or roughly $15,000to $18,000
Builder Extreme 200019,000 BP or roughly $25,000
Leapfrog XCel19,000 Euros or roughly $25,000
KamermakerNot for sale

In comparison the home 3D printer

There is a big difference between the industrial large 3D printers and the home versions you can use. Just the cost alone shows you how vast the gap is between the two.

3D Printer categoryPrice tag range
Entry Level$200 to $400
Hobbyist Category$300 to $1,500
Enthusiast Category$1,500 to $3,500
Professional Category$3,500 to $6,000
Industrial category$20,000 to $100,000

Printing size of home 3D printers

These examples are just that, examples to give you an idea how big you can go when printing at home. There are different models included in those ranges

Home 3D printerBuild size: X axis; Y axis; Z axis
Laser Sintering150 to 650 mm; 150 to 400 mm; 150 to 560 mm
Multi Jet Fusion200 to 274 mm; 150 to 370 mm; 150 to 380 mm
Lost Wax Printing & Casting88 to 88 mm; 88 to 88 mm; 125 to 125 mm
Stereolithography250 to 2,100 mm; 250 to 700 mm; 220 to 800 mm
PolyJet100 to 490 mm; 100 to 390 mm; 100 to 200 mm

You may not get a house or a car frame out of a home 3D printer but you can still print some very good objects at a very nice size. To find one that fits your objectives take the time to contact different dealers to see if they have the right size you need at a cost you want

Benefits of printing at home

It is obvious that unless you are a millionaire, you won’t be going for those large 3D printers any time soon. Most likely you will go for the smaller home versions and print up some good objects as a hobby. Here are some benefits to show you how good home 3D printing can be:

  1. You get what you want when you want it and that object is only a click or two away.
  2. The 3D printer is always accessible and when you can’t sleep, you can fill the night time hours by printing away.
  3. The price is just right and most home 3D printers are very affordable when you are not making a business out of 3D printing.
  4. Cut your shipping costs down to zero. You print at home and save plus you help the environment.
  5. It is possible to develop your creative and innovative talents.
  6. You get total control over the design of the object. Customization is a matter of tweaking the settings etc.
  7. Quality control and accuracy are also under your command.
  8. Enhance your business standing. When printing at home, you can produce models and prototypes that will impress your boss and clients.

Some final words

As you can see, 3D printers have come a long way since the 1970s. If you have the money and the purpose, you can print up some very large objects and print your own dream home.

But most people cannot afford such luxury so they are stuck with the smaller home versions which still print up some fairly large size objects. Just because you have to go small doesn’t mean you are being left behind in the 3D printing world or inferior to the big boys.

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