How to Choose A Good Multimeter

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There’s no doubt that working with electricity could always be risky. Are you currently in the market searching for the best multimeter? 

You would like to make sure you get a device that has been tested to endure hazardous working environments. However, we also know how challenging it can be to sort through all of the specifications to identify the best tool for the job.

But before we dive into the important factors to consider when buying a multimeter, let’s take a quick overview of what a multimeter is. 

What is a Multimeter and Its Uses?

A multimeter is a standard diagnostic device often seen in an electrician’s tool kits. They were created to offer exact measurements for current, voltage, and resistance, helping you identify the amount your electrical device is generating. 

This tool can also be utilized for continuity, transistor, and diode testing on automotive and household items. Some of the practical things where you can use a multimeter in your home include:

It’s worth mentioning that they can also be used to repair and create all types of circuits. 

What are the Parts of a Multimeter?

The basic components of a digital multimeter include:

  • digital controller
  • input signal conditional and converter
  • digital display
  • A/D converter
  • switch 
  • a battery 

Some multimeters will have more components to them, but all of them have the ones stated above. Remember that every brand and model design has some unique features with them. That’s why a few multimeters seem to be more furnished than others do. 

What are the Different Types of Multimeters? 

You will find different types of a multimeter, all of which have different uses and functions. 

  1. Analog Multimeter

This is an older generation multimeter utilized before digital versions come into the market. It measures the current through a microammeter inside and moves the needle on the indicator on a progressed scale. 

These versions aren’t as sensitive as the digital ones. However, they can still measure highly sensitive up to 50 microamps due to its low resistance in current measurement. 

  1. Digital Multimeter

This type is composed of an LCD and digital counter rather than a rule and moving needle. It’s a bit costly than analog versions and a widely utilized type thanks to its high accuracy measurement and simple reading. 

  1. HVAC Multimeter 

As the name implies, this multimeter is used by HVAC experts to identify the issue with a specific HVAC unit. This can be utilized to easily and accurately troubleshoot systems. 

  1. Automotive Multimeter

These devices are utilized to diagnose issues in cars and measure their electrical properties as well. Users can easily measure their car’s voltage, current, and resistance with this tool.

  1. Auto-ranging Multimeter

This is considered the most user-friendly type of all multimeters available in the market. However, they are also the most expensive ones. 

  1. Clamp Multimeter 

The clamp is utilized to measure resistance, voltage, and more within the wire passing through it. It has most of the same functions as other digital versions, but its uniqueness lies in measuring the electricity’s flow in a live circuit. 

So, How Do You Choose the Perfect Multimeter? Factors to Consider! 

Learn the important factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the best multimeter for your needs. 

  • Design 

An excellent design will bring you excellent convenience and comfort. So, make sure you pick a multimeter with the specific design you prefer. Professional-grade multimeters are costly, and replacing them is far more challenging than your initial purchase. 

Indeed, you like to take good care of your things, but sometimes, accidents happen. Of course, there is room for a 10-dollar multimeter in each toolbox. 

Still, it will help if you get one that could take a beating, especially if you rely on it to make an income.

  • Function 

Even the costliest multimeter in the market will let you down if it cannot do its function. Multimeters can offer measurements of numerous electrical circuit qualities, but they cannot perform the same things. What features are most crucial to have in such a device is dependent on the type of work you do. 

  • Extra Tools 

Multimeters can do a plethora of functions, but they cannot perform everything. That suggests you will need more diagnostic tools. Lucky for you, most products in the market come with tools that often complement a multimeter’s efforts. 

Many multimeters have a set of standard black and red probes for doing basic tests. Others come with extra alligator clips for connecting the probes to battery terminals or wires. 

Furthermore, a magnetic sling or case is a good accessory that enables you to connect the device to something metal like a car’s undercarriage or cabinet. These cases, clips, and probes are also accessible at your local home improvement and hardware stores. 

  • Dial versus Analog Display

The traditional analog multimeter offers a dial with a needle. For some users, that type of readout is much easier to see, particularly in bright sunlight, when numbers on a digital display could be difficult to read.

You will not find a wide variety of analog multimeters anymore. Still, they are normally cheap, ranging from 10 to 70 bucks, and can do the three standard circuit tests. Just remember that they cannot do the more advanced testing. 

  • Price

These devices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s always up to your budget but don’t forget that digital types are more expensive than analog versions. 

But even so, make sure to check all features before you invest in a costly product. After all, more money does not always mean a better and superior quality. 

Final Thoughts

You will find a wide array of different multimeters in the market today. However, the key to choosing one for your needs is to assess what features are most crucial amongst all the models. Honestly, the perfect multimeter for most people is a digital multimeter.

Are you on the lookout for a design that can do a certain function? You can also find various versions that have been customized to do specific things. 

Make sure you check the models online and read customer reviews before you make your purchase decision. We wish you the best of luck!

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