How to Fill a Butane Soldering Iron

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Butane soldering irons are among the most popular tools for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The reason for this is that they’re lightweight, pocket-sized, and can produce adequate power. As a result, you never have to struggle when using this tool to design unique pieces of art, bind together materials, and cut wires.

But once you’ve bought one and used one, an important step you also need to understand is how to fill a butane soldering iron. This is an issue you most certainly have experienced when using this tool. If you’ve got no idea where to start, here is a detailed article on the steps to follow when filing your butane soldering iron.

Understanding Your Butane Soldering Iron 

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Before you can even start filling your butane soldering iron, there are several essential features about this tool you must understand. These include:

  • It’s refillable.
  • It’s of superb durability.
  • The flame can produce reach temperatures of up to 3150 F. 
  • It incorporates a sharp and hot knife tip.
  • It gets powered by butane.
  • It burns for 20 minutes once you’re done refilling it.
  • It’s easy to carry around as it doesn’t have a cord.
  • It includes a carrying case after buying it.
  • It incorporates a trigger that makes lighting easy and straightforward.

Steps To Filling The Butane Soldering Iron 

Filling the butane soldering iron is a relatively simple process. Here is a clear outline of the steps you should follow:

  • Only use butane fuel when filling your soldering iron.
  • Make sure to extinguish the torch before starting to refill the torch.
  • After extinguishing the torch, give the soldering iron adequate time to cool down to room temperature before you can refill the torch.
  • Go to a well-ventilated room that’s free from fire or any other ignition source as well as far from other individuals.
  • You should never attempt to smoke when filling the soldering iron.
  • Grab your torch as while the FILL VALVE (A) is facing upwards.
  • Invert the fuel canister and then put the fuel canister tip inside the FILL VALVE (A).
  • Press both the torch and fuel canister to enable the fuel to enter inside the torch fuel tank. You should only wait for around 10 seconds, after which your torch will be filled.
  • Immediately you notice an overflow; stop refilling the soldering iron. In case of an accidental overflow, you should immediately halt to fill the container and get a sponge to wipe out ant excess butane.
  • Give the tool about three minutes for the gas to stabilize before you can ignite the torch.

Lighting The Butane Soldering Iron 

Once you’re done filling your butane soldering iron, the next step is lighting it to confirm that it’s working as expected. Here are the steps and precautions you should follow when using this tool:

  • Move the gas adjustment knob halfway.
  • Switch on the ignition switch until you reach the position marked On. After doing this, gas will immediately start to flow if the ignition switch is working properly.
  • Get a lit match and position it below the soldering iron tip, and a flame will show up on this flame hole.
  • With the flame burning, you can now use your butane soldering iron.
  • If you want to increase or reduce the flame intensity, you should move the flame adjustment knob in either direction.
  • Once you’ve set the flame’s desired strength, move your soldering iron towards your soldering assembly.
  • Make sure to adjust the exhaust port to prevent even the slightest damage to your workspace. This is because the hot air generated gets to escape without producing any smoke.
  • Tighten the locknut firmly in position.
  • Using the ignition button, switch on the ignition.
  • Use a burning splint to light the butane soldering iron, and after that, you’ll see a flame on the access hole.
  • Position the soldering iron’s tip on the alloys or metals you’re hoping to join together.
  • This solder will melt, after which it will cool down and harden, thereby joining together these two metals.

Whereas all this might appear somewhat complicated, it’s something you’ll get used after using the butane soldering iron for a while. You should also read over the user manual to better understand how to switch on and off to light as well as find a replacement for soldering iron parts.

Precautions and Warnings To Observe When Using A Soldering Iron 

You must never overlook your safety when filling and using the butane soldering iron. Here are some safety tips you must always observe:

  • Never use the soldering iron while pointing at yourself.
  • Safely keep away this tool from children and persons who don’t know how to use it.
  • You must never use a destroyed butane soldering iron.
  • Make sure always to have fireproof gloves and eye protection as you light up and use this tool.
  • Never leave a soldering iron that’s burning unattended. 
  • Carefully read through the instruction manual before refilling the butane soldering iron. This is crucial because incorrect refilling might lead to death or injury.
  • First, familiarize yourself with the parts of the butane soldering iron before you refill, use it or attempt to replace or adjust any of its components.
  • You should never store your butane soldering iron for an extended duration under direct sunlight or in temperatures over 120ºF.
  • Prevent any eye or skin contact with butane. If it does happen accidentally, make sure to rinse your skin or eyes using lots of water. Moreover, in case of eye contact, consult a medical professional.
  • Never touch the burner nozzle or tip assembly right after switching off the butane soldering iron. The reason for this is that the solder is usually very hot and needs enough time to be cool down.
  • Always seek the manufacturer’s guidance when replacing any component of the butane soldering iron and only use the recommended parts.


The butane soldering iron is a useful and versatile tool, and this is evidenced by many people loving to use it when doing soldering tasks. If you also wanted to use one but didn’t know how to fill one safely, reading through this article has given you useful tips to follow. You also have learned how to use one and the safety precautions to observe to safeguard your wellbeing. 

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