How to Get a Hex File into Arduino

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You Are Not Putting A Spell On Someone…

Instead, you are amplifying your use of color if you place the Hex code for Hex color on your Arduino system. This color scheme provides you with an unlimited amount of shades you can use to create the atmosphere you want.

How to Get a Hex File into Arduino

To find out how to add the Hex code to your arduino system, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about including the instructions to add the Hex code to your arduino system. It just takes a few minutes to get up to speed.

Understanding The Hex Way

The Hex code is a system that uses base 16. That means that it uses the numbers 0 to 15. But the double digit numbers can’t use the 1 to express their value so capital letters are inserted in place of the 1. For numerals 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 , 15 you would see A0, B1, C2, D3, E4 & F5 and those capital letters are treated as valid numbers.

Each of these Hex digits represent 5 bits and two of these represent one byte. Those representations can go from 00 to FF. The reason that binary and hex systems are favored is that they are just easier to work with.

The decimal system has one digit that represents 3.3 bytes and that latter figure makes it very complicated to do the math. The reason you need to know this is that the Hex bytes are used to represent anything you want and it is the only byte that the computer uses.

The only trouble is that sometimes it is hard to recognize the value of a byte and sometimes it is very easy. This is done all through trial and error

Why Use Hex Color

There are different Hex files you can add to your arduino device.But one of the better ones is to add the Hex color file as it broadens your use of color. Under the #RRGGBB standard system you have just over 16,000,000 shades of color to use.

Then if you add the transparency option, #AARRGGBB, you can get over 4 trillion color options at your fingertips. You won’t live long enough to use or see them all. As you know R is for red, G is for green and B is for blue.

This file will add to your creativity and should impress your friends or that special someone with your color talent. The key though is to make sure you download and install the right file that you need to use.

How To Install A Hex File On Arduino

Installation is like any other file you want to download or install. You just have to follow a given set of instructions and you have it made. Here are the instructions for the addition of a Hex file to your arduino.

#1.Open your arduino software program
#2.Open the code you want or write your own
#3.Save the program
#4.Go to file, click on preferences
#5.When the preference box opens up tick off the options you want to use
#6.The next screen should show the Hex file code and path
#7.Copy the folder and paste it into Run– Start >> Run
#8.The temporary folder should pop up
#9.Copy and paste file to another more permanent location

Don’t forget to test your code prior to installing it on your arduino. The reason you move the Hex file from the temporary location is that the moment the file is uploaded the system will delete that temporary file.

The Importance Of A Hex File

Besides color, you will find that the different Hex files have very vital duties. One is that Braille is written in hexadecimal code. Plus, it has other important reasons why programmers opt for it over regular low level computer storage codes

  1. Hexadecimal is easier to read– You can see the value of e7 easier than if you were looking at 11100111
  2. Higher information density it takes just 2 hexadecimal numbers to express every number from 0 to 255. Binary needs 8 numbers to do the same task. As the numbers grow larger, more digits are needed making it harder to work with
  3. It works better with binary Hexadecimal works with a base that is a multiple of 2. Decimal doesn’t and so Hexadecimal does not line up with decimal but it does with binary
  4. Hexadecimal compresses information better a single hex digit can represent numbers 0 to 15 while binary is a little less efficient with its 0-1 ability
  5. It is just easier to work with plus, it is easier to understand the data inside a computer just by looking at the hex symbols

The More Things Change

The more they stay the same. Even with the addition of the Hex file, the operation of that file is basically the same as the original computers that were built at the beginning of the computer age.

It is the same logic, the same mathematical operation as well as the same methods . Even with adding the Hex to your arduino, you are not escaping the past but using a similar system that once made archaic computers function.

Some Final Words

For most people, understanding how the Hex file works or what it is based on is a little complicated and more than they need to know. What is important is that this file can open up new computer application opportunities for you.

A Hex file can represent more data, be compressed easier and be easier to read even by novices. This option can also make editing a lot easier so your work goes smoothly as well as more quickly.

With almost all computers using the Hex way, it makes sense to add it to your arduino and integrate your devices so that they can communicate with each other better. Keeping up with the times means using strategies of the past.

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