The Best Hand Planer for Doors: Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Hand planers are traditional woodworking tools that are still useful to this date. This is because these tools always come in handy when smoothing, straightening as well as shaping pieces of wood either in your workshop or home.

Moreover, hand planers are still popular despite the emergence of other powerful tools such as power planers, belt sanders, and jointers. This is because no other tool is well capable of shaving a door’s sticking edge or straightening a twisted wood panel quite as useful as a hand planer. Therefore, in this article are five of the best hand planers for doors you need to consider.

Comparison Chart

41MdOASvcCL. SL500
Grizzly Industrial H7566-14″ Jack Plane, Smooth Sole
31aShKva8ZL. SL500
WoodRiver #5 Bench Plane, V3
Cowryman Router Plane Handheld Woodworking Tool
31O2ORsZ UL. SL500
STANLEY Hand Planer, Low Angle, No. 60-1/2 (12-139)
4172F3LvQpL. SL500
Woodstock D3831 Adjustable Block Plane, 1-3/8-Inch Blade

Detailed Product Info & Reviews 


1. Grizzly H7566 Hand Planer 

41MdOASvcCL. SL500

Are you searching for a planer that provides you with incredible value? If so, you then should look no further than the Grizzly H7566 hand planer, which, despite being affordable, still guarantees you exceptional performance thanks to the fantastic features it includes. Therefore, you will, without a doubt, love how useful this tool is in as you strive towards achieving a smooth finish on your doors. 

Product features 

The Grizzly H7566 hand planer model features knobs as well as rosewood handles, iron adjustments, chip breakers, frog and lever caps, base made out of cast iron, adjusting irons made from brass, as well as chips. With all these features, you are guaranteed a smooth finish on any wooden surface without putting in a lot of effort. Additionally, it has a serrated ground sole, which improves the sliding action, and it does this by reducing resistance. Thus, this is one of the best hand planers for doors if you are searching for a tool that always delivers a precision finish and fit. 

Woodworkers, both professionals and enthusiasts alike agree that this hand planer is excellent at smoothing any wooden surface. Moreover, it provides you with a unique combination of being slightly bulky and still comfortable in your hands, and all this you can get at an affordable price. 

This tool weighs in at 5.5 pounds mainly due to the cast iron located at its base, and this weight ideal as it allows you to drive this tool effortlessly. 

The Good 

This hand planer comes in an iron body, thereby making it very robust hence well capable of doing every single task that you carry out as well as serving you for an extended duration. Likewise, the Grizzly H766 planer comes with iron blades that you can easily sharpen once they start to become blunt, and its design incorporates a lovely fit as well as finish. 

The Bad 

Some buyers raised an issue that the sole on this hand planer is not flat, and its blade does not have the required sharpness. Moreover, there also is the complaint that the adjustment mechanism of this planer does not work effectively regardless of how much effort you put into adjusting it correctly.

What We Like

  • ​Remarkable build quality
  • ​It offers you incredible value for money
  • ​It is very comfortable on the hands
  • ​Always performs excellently

What We Don’t Like

  • ​Its blade is tightened with a hand planer instead of a level

2. WoodRiver #5 Bench Planer 

31aShKva8ZL. SL500

If you are looking to replace your current hand planer to get one that incorporates the dependable Bedrock design, you then need to get yourself the WoodRiver #5 hand planer. Thanks to this particular design, you will be able to seamlessly get this done quickly while simultaneously ensuring the quality is great. 

Product Features 

The one feature integrated into this hand planer that stands out is undoubtedly the prolonged frog, which extends through the bigger slot located in the sole. Additionally, it provides the blade with the support necessary to the cutting line, and thanks to this blade and frog combination, the hand planer can deliver more-robust bedding. This hand planer also features a unique design to offer it an improved cutting experience needed to achieve a smooth cut at all times. 

Integrated into the build material of this planer is a 2-inch blade made out of high carbon steel as well as a traditional style baring that delivers the needed control to the blade. Therefore, thanks to this incredible feature, you can effortlessly have this blade to shift to any desired position to achieve the finish you want on the wood surface.

Moreover, this planer has a heavy-duty, stress-relieved ductile iron to provide it with the needed sturdiness to make it durable and an investment that will serve you for an extended duration. 

There is also a Bubinga handle incorporated in the design of this hand planer; thus, it is evident you are getting a high-quality product that is not made using cheap material. The total weight of the WoodRiver #5 Bench Planer is five pounds with this ideal for ensuring you can handle this tool effectively.

Additionally, it comes with a two-inch wide blade that allows you to perform tasks to achieve the desired finish on all your woodworking projects. Therefore, it is evident if you are looking for the perfect hand planer, the WoodRiver #5 version is the best pick as it guarantees you impressive performance at all times. 

The Good 

This hand planer has sides and soles that allow you to achieve a smooth cut in all the operations you perform, hence making it a reliable woodworking tool. Furthermore, its Bubinga handle provides you with more control and grip over this equipment, thereby ensuring you still feel comfortable when achieving smooth cuts. Finally, the base of this planer is the convenient Bedrocks. 

The Bad 

The price of this hand planer is slightly on the higher side as it is considerably expensive compared to some of the other models on the market that deliver almost an identical performance.

What We Like

  • ​Incredible build quality
  • ​It always guarantees exceptional performance
  • ​This hand planer is comfortable to use
  • ​It needs a little tuning
  • ​It features adjustable frogs
  • ​You get incredible value with this planer.

What We Don’t Like

  • ​Its blades require sharpening frequently

3. Cowryman Router Plane 

If you are searching for the best hand planer for doors, then you need to consider the Cowryman Router Plane. With this hand planer, you will be able to create a sunken section on the wood as well as providing you with different usability because unlike other hand planers, and it is used in making a submerged part on the wood surface. 

Product Features 

The Cowryman Router Plane features an excellent build quality that is entirely made out of robust wood and steel, which is resistant to rust. Therefore, thanks to its all-metal construction, you are guaranteed an excellent build quality, meaning you will find this tool useful for a lengthy duration. 

Incorporated in its design is a wide iron that is 0.31-inches, with this narrowness helping you get an accurate groove on any wooden plane. If you are looking to increase the size of a premade slot, then look no further as this hand planer is a perfect choice. Additionally, this planer has a screw-on it which allows you to synchronize the depth of the groove to the blade. 

Lastly, integrated into this woodworking equipment are comfortable holdings and grip thanks to two wooden handles. Therefore, using this hand plane is not strenuous hence ideal if you often stay in your workshop for long hours doing several woodworking tasks. 

The Good 

One of the remarkable qualities of the Cowryman Router Plane is its sturdy build quality, which guarantees you usefulness for a lengthy period. Its design also comes with a convenient blade, and this enables you to create special grooves on a wooden plane with ease. 

The Bad 

The design of this hand planer looks a bit too futuristic, and this can be confusing to some users, and this affects its usefulness.

What We Like

  • ​Comfortable to use thanks to its wooden handle
  • ​You can easily adjust its blade using a screw
  • ​It is durable due to its stainless steel body
  • ​You get great value with this hand planer
  • ​It helps you always achieve accurate cuts

What We Don’t Like

  • ​Its design is not that appealing

4. Stanley 12-139

31O2ORsZ UL. SL500

If you are looking to purchase a multipurpose angle block hand planer, then the Stanley 12-139 is undoubtedly an excellent pick as it is among the best at smoothing the wooden grain. Similarly, its handy design allows you to make use of it with one hand, and it is among the best planers you can use to smooth the wooden grain. 

Product Features 

This hand plane comes in a unique design that allows you to make use of it even in a congested space with the support of two hands. It is also made out entirely of A2 steel, which offers it with the sturdiness necessary to ensure it remains functional for a long period without getting damaged.

​Additionally, these distinct metals add to its some added weight that makes handling it easier as well as more comfortable. 

There is a brass attachment knob integrated into its design that enables you to control this hand planer’s blade easily. With this, you get to choose the desired blade depth, depending on the type of wood you are currently working on. 

Therefore, if you are searching for the best hand planer for doors that allows you to work with edge wood grain often seamlessly, then the Stanley 12-139 is the perfect pick. Subsequently, you will considerably simplify your woodworking duties. 

The Good 

This hand planer is lightweight, and this allows you to use it even with one hand, which comes quite in handy when working on tight spaces. As it is made out of A2 steel, it is durable, so you never need to worry about it being susceptible to damage. Finally, its unique design makes it great if you often work on the edge grain. 

The Bad 

This hand planer occasionally comes with a micro lump on its sole that is very frustrating as it prevents you from achieving even cuts on the wood surface. Nevertheless, this problem goes away after you use this tool several times. 

What We Like

  • ​It delivers excellent performance despite being lower-priced
  • ​The build quality of this hand plane is amazing
  • ​Using it is easy and straightforward
  • ​It allows you to make accurate cuts
  • ​It looks great and is comfortable to use

What We Don’t Like

  • ​The mouth adjustment level does not work effectively

5. Woodstock D3831 Block Plane

4172F3LvQpL. SL500

This hand planer is unique as it is made out of brass, as well as cast iron. Thus, with it, you are free from the risk of any possible rusting because iron is usually ferrous and starts to rust as time passes hence resulting in it losing its power. This makes it without a doubt to be among the best hand planers for doors if you are on the market looking for one. 

Product Features 

The woodworking planer features a low angle blade design that allows it always to achieve a smooth grain on the wooden plane. Furthermore, it only weighs 1.85 pounds as well as 6-inches, with this the reason why it is very lightweight. Thanks to this, you never will complain of easily getting fatigued when using this hand planer, which sits comfortably in your hand as you carry out the woodworking tasks.

With this planer, you can easily tackle all the different types of woods without encountering any issue, something which other hand planers cannot guarantee. This is made possible by simply adjusting the throat opening, and you are good to go. It has a 1-3/8-inch-wide blade positioned at a low 12-1/2-degree that allows you to trim out all types of wooden planes, even hardwood with little force. Moreover, its edge is easily adjustable using a unique mechanism as well as a lever cap. 

Therefore, if you want a hand planer that ensures you attain a smooth trim on your door, then the Woodstock D3831 is an excellent choice. 

The Good 

This hand planer is made out of a combination of iron and bronze, which makes it durable, thus freeing you from any concerns about the period it will remain useful. Another great thing with the Woodstock D3831 is that it has a high carbon steel blade that you can sharpen easily. 

The Bad 

Compared to other standard woodworking planers, the attached blade is not very wide. Nevertheless, despite this, it still does ensure you get your various tasks completed without any hassle.

What We Like

  • ​It is easy and comfortable to use
  • ​It works great straight out of the box
  • ​Both its performance and look are amazing
  • ​Offers you with incredible value
  • ​It has an outstanding build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • ​This hand planer occasionally hits you as you use it due to its design

‘Hand Planer for Doors’ Buyer’s Guide

There are many hand planers on the market, but choosing one that best meets your needs is a tricky and confusing endeavor. This is especially so because each of these hand planers incorporates almost similar features, and each manufacturer claims to be the reliable pick, yet this is always not the case. Therefore, in this guide, you will be taken through the essential factors that you need to consider when looking to buy a hand planer. With these tips in mind, you will be better placed to choose a planer that meets your needs perfectly.

The type of hand plane 

There are many different kinds of hand planers to choose from, and the ideal one usually depends on your needs as they incorporate different designs hence work differently. The various types of hand planers available include rabbet planer, bench planer, joint planer, as well as an electric planer. Each of these planers is adept at performing a particular task better in comparison to another, so you always should first assess your needs to be able to make an informed decision as to which of these is best when planing your door.

Features of the hand planer

The features integrated into a hand planer also play a vital role in helping you make a decision regarding which model you should go for to help you complete your work successfully. Some of the critical features you need to consider include:

The blade thickness: The thickness of a hand planer’s blade determines its firmness. Therefore, if your hand planer has a thin blade, this might bend slightly when you are making cuts, thereby resulting in chatter. Because of this, the wooden surface ends up having a poor and rugged surface. Nevertheless, with thicker blades, you get an improved resistance to bending hence in a position to produce smoother finishes.

The hand planer’s blade angle: The angle at which the planer’s blade is positioned greatly affects what and how the cuts are made. For instance, hand planers like the block planers feature blades positioned at an angle lower to the wood, thereby ideal for cutting end grain because the blades usually slice instead of scrape. Additionally, planers with blades that are at higher angles to the wood, such as the scraper planes, are excellent when you are working on exotic burrs and timbers that have complicated grain patterns because they reduce tearing out.

Many bench planers typically have their blades at a cutting angle of 45 degrees unless otherwise stated, consequently making them the go-to option when working on softwoods and hardwoods. Thus, you should always consider the kind of planing you are planning to do as well as the type of timber you are working on before deciding which hand planer to get.

Type of frog: As you search for the ideal hand planer for doors, the type of frog integrated into its design is a vital factor that you should always consider. This is because the design of the frog, as well as how it fits into the hand planer’s body, affects the overall performance of the planer. The two most popular frog styles are the Bedrock and Bailey, with the latter often used in many of the hand planers on the market and is positioned at the top of the machined surface on the body of the hand plane.

Additionally, this frog is entirely adjustable, and it holds in place two screws that you can access after you take out the plane iron assembly. After you have loosened the screws, go ahead and make use of the fine adjustment knob at the frog’s back to adjust its position to either close or open the mouth of the hand planer. 

Contrary, the Bedrock style frog has a recess on both sides that ensure the frog positively positions the frog above the two ridges in the hand planer’s body. Moreover, it is positioned above the surface that has been machined on the hand planer’s body, hence ensuring the frog square remains square to the hand planer’s body. You can also adjust this frog to either open or close the hand planer’s mouth without needing to detach the plan iron assembly, making use of two screws located at the frog’s back.

Wooden or metal body: Hand planers come in either wooden or metal bodies, and each of these has its merits as well as demerits. Typically, hand planers that have a metal body are bulkier in comparison to wooden planers and are also much more resistant to wear and tear, with this vital if you often work on rougher woods. In contrast, hand planers that feature wooden bodies are usually lighter, hence ideal if you often use this tool for prolonged durations.

Moreover, these wooden bodied hand planers, thanks to their lightweight design, do no damage to your working surface like the metal bodies hand planers. Therefore, hand planes that have a metal body are perfect if you want a workhorse to help you carry out your projects. In contrast, the wooden body counterparts are excellent when looking to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish. 

Price of the hand planer 

When looking for any product to buy, you first need to consider the price which you are willing to pay, and the same applies when searching for a hand planer. If you start your search for the best hand planer for doors without deciding the amount of money you are willing to spend, you will end up becoming confused as you shop due to the broad options available for you to choose from. Therefore, to avoid buying a cheap hand planer of inferior quality or an expensive planer, thereby significantly affecting your finances, you should always come up with a budget to guide you while shopping. 


(Q) Can you sharpen a hand planer blade? 

​(A)​ ​​​Yes, it is with most of the companies making hand planers, ensuring this is possible.

​(Q) Can a hand planer be used as a jointer?

​(A)​ ​​​A jointer and hand planer are made to perform different functions. Hand planers are designed to make the wood plane’s surface, whereas jointers are meant to make the plane’s edges. Thus, you cannot make a wood plane without requiring to make use of a jointer.

(Q) How do you set up a hand planer?

​(A)​ ​​​You should start by attaching the cap iron to the blade, and then position the blade as well as the iron over the plane’s top until it goes above the lever. Consequently, center its regular, and place the lever cap in position and then lock the lever. Once you finish doing this, tighten the screw to adjust the blade, and after doing this, you can go ahead and make use of your hand planer to shave your wood plane.

(Q) Where can you buy a hand planer? 

​(A)​ ​​​Hand planers are available from the local tool store, or you can decide to get one from a trustworthy online retailer.


After reading this article, you now have an idea of five of the best hand planers for doors on the market. But of all these five hand planers as mentioned above, the Grizzly H7566 is undoubtedly the ideal pick as it always delivers exceptional performance. Moreover, another ideal pick if you are on a tight budget is Stanley 12-139 that still offers you an above-average performance and reliability. 

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