How to Download 3D Printer Files

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Nowadays, you can quickly get a 3D printer in the consumer market at an affordable price. Therefore, you should not miss out on making use of this incredible innovation, which allows you to build your 3D models.

However, before you get your 3D model, you first need to download the printed files, and you can do this by using websites that offer you a free option to download files. ​Subsequently, you can download the printed files and feed them directly to your 3D printer. So, if you are seeking to understand how to download a 3D printed file, here are several ways you can do so that ensure your life is a lot easier.

Great Sites For Downloading 3D FIles


This is a popular website that allows the printing of 3D printer STL files. If you have used 3D technology for a while now, you most likely have used it or seen its name somewhere. This site provides you with numerous options, especially if your area of interest is the STL file. Additionally, its main focus is seeing the introduction of exciting 3D print designs; hence, why it is highly regarded among the 3D printing enthusiasts.

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Using this site is free, plus you get the option to upload your designs and make use of other files to complete 3D printing. Furthermore, because it is not a niche-based community, you have access to everything you want on its portal, and this is one of the reasons this website is trendy.


This site not only gives you the option to download SYL files on your 3D printer but also offers you tutorials and guidelines on the best 3D designing techniques. Thus, this makes it a versatile website that is not meant for individuals looking for 3D designing and modeling.

On this website, you can showcase your DIY projects on your portal as well as submit any issue concerning any particular design. Moreover, the designers are easily reachable in case you have a question, and the answers are detailed as possible.

Therefore, if you are into DIY 3D projects, then look no further as this is without a doubt the best platform, plus you will learn many things you cannot find anywhere else. Consequently, due to its interactive nature, there has been an increase in the number of users, making it one of the best ways to download your 3D printed files.


It is an online community that comprises of students, engineers, manufacturers as well as designers who aim to create CA models. Additionally, this vast online community always keeps updating the 3D designs online available on their online database.

Thanks to a large number of 3D content experts, you get the opportunity to interact with several highly experienced engineers and designers. Moreover, if you are a professional, you are offered an app such as GrabCAD Print as well as GrabCAD Workbench.


If you are serious about 3D printing, then MyMiniFactory is the perfect site. This is because specialists first analyze all the 3D printable files, and the community consists of many high profile designers. Furthermore, you can request a professional for a design that you cannot find on the portal in case you cannot find the needed file on the site.

There are numerous cool things you can do on this website, plus you have access to lots of tried and tested designs available for use. Therefore, you can be sure of the best possible quality of work thanks to the over 60,000 designers on this platform. Additionally, you can access this portal is seven different languages, and subsequently making it more attractive.


Finding a website that incorporates a user-friendly interface is not that easy hence making accessibility one of the critical factors which affect a site’s popularity. Fortunately, this is not an issue with Free3D, which boasts of the best UI design.

Every model om this platform is classified accordingly, thereby ensuring you have an easy time searching for something you want. Furthermore, as it is a free platform, you can confidently boast the available designs without having any concern about the promotional cost.

It also incorporates a voting system which allows you to rate other designers for their work. Thus, you are allowed to vote for a design that, when downloading a 3D STL file and using these results, the designers are ranked. This method allows a healthy competition among the designers allowing them to display their best creations every time, consequently helping improve the quality of the designs.

Therefore, you should feel confident that you will get a quality 3D printed STL file on Free3D ranging from animals, vehicles, architecture, furniture, and much more.


This is the best platform to use if you want 3D printed files that incorporate AR, VR as well as computer graphics. You get access to numerous designs, some being free to download, whereas others you need to pay for.

Additionally, you get not only the opportunity to download 3D printed files using this website but also scripts and plugins hence allowing further improvements of 3D models. It also features jobs requested which other users have asked, competitions among designers, and will enable you to download 3D models of exceptional quality.


This platform is often used by news agencies, visual effects studios, game developers, architects, as well as creative specialists all over the globe. The main foal of TurboSquid is to save you time as you create a unique and high-quality 3D modeling file that displays your personality. Moreover, this website also pays attention to the artists’ creativity all over the world to keep improving the quality of library models.

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​Consequently, this helps you as an artist to enhance and perfect your skills, and here, you can find a broad range of online catalogs such as architectures, vehicles, animals, and many more.


If you were looking for the best ways to download 3D printed files, you now have an idea of some of the best platforms to use. Additionally, some of these are free to use, so you do not have to worry about any payment and still get high-quality 3D printed files.

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