What Can 3D Printers Make?

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The hype around 3D printing is evident worldwide, and it isn’t unjustified since many people love the creative flexibility this technology offers. Thus, 3D printers have become a common sight in offices and homes as they can be used in making a broad range of items. This includes objects that, in the past, would have been unimaginable would be made at the comfort of your home.

But what are the examples of items you can make using your 3D printer? If you want the answer to this question, we’re happy to inform you this article has all you want. Consequently, you’ll appreciate the importance of investing in a 3D printer.

LED Lamp 

Are you looking to buy an LED lamp? If so, you’ll be glad to hear you don’t need to and could instead print one using your 3D printer. Therefore, this allows you to save your money for other essential matters.

The LED lamp you can make will incorporate all the needed parts to function correctly, including a Lithium battery, USB-rechargeable, and the ability to switch colors by pressing a button. In addition to being functional, this LED lamp will also boast an exceptional look. However, having some basic electronic skills will be vital to complete its assembly for you to make this item.

3D Printed Acoustic Guitar 

If you’re into music, you’ll be glad to hear that printing an acoustic guitar using your 3D printer is now a reality. This feat was first achieved by Scott Summi. The 3D printed acoustic guitar is made from plastic that comes full with a heel joint and metal soundhole. You can also use your 3D printer to design 3D guitar replicas of your favorite musicians.

3D Figurines 

Do you want to turn your kid’s drawing into a real-like object? This is now possible thanks to 3D printers that allow you to transform a drawing into a sculpture. All this will be at the delight of your child, who’ll now relish playing with this object they designed. You can also use this 3D printed item as a trophy to showcase your child’s artistic skills or decorate your office desk.

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Pencil Holder 

If you want to arrange your desk while still adding a fair bit of flair, printing a pencil holder with your 3D printer would be an excellent solution. Doing this is relatively straightforward as there are many simple pencil holder designs available to choose from. With this object, you never have to worry about confusing your pencil holder with others and get to bring out a distinct personality. Furthermore, you get to look cool while still being organized.

USB Holder 

Losing a USB containing vital documents is painful, and it costs you money. This shouldn’t be a concern anymore if you print a USB holder using your 3D printer. With this object, you can now make your desktop gadget for holding all your keys. Therefore, you never have to worry about losing your USB keys ever again in the future.

Tablet or Smartphone Stand 

You can also use your 3D printer to make a simple smartphone or tablet stand that fits various sizes. In addition to being used as a stand, this object can be fixed to the wall or connected to a charger. With the video calls becoming trendy nowadays, this smartphone or tablet stand is undoubtedly a useful item you should consider printing with your 3D printer.

Cable Spools 

If hood cable management is crucial to you, then consider getting a 3D printer to make spooling wires. The cable spools allow you to neatly keep the wire fastened at a distance shorter than its entire length and can be extended if need be.

With these simple cable spools, you’ll be amazed how the issue of messy wires all over your home or office will be a distant memory. You can also upgrade cable spools as desired, thereby using it as a simple USB cable connected to a big appliance.

Door Opener 

After the global outbreak of coronavirus, it’s best to avoid touching surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, elevator buttons, handles, and other objects. A suitable solution for this is using your 3D printer to make a door opener, thereby safeguard yourself from illness. You can also use this door opener as a hook when carrying shopping bags when running errands in your local store or at the mall.

Gear Wraps 

You can make gear wraps using your 3D printer to ensure all your gears are neat and organized. With gear wraps, you save yourself from the hassle of having to disentangle cables, which is frustrating and time-consuming. You can print the gear wraps in a wide variety of ranges and colors, with the ideal style deepening on your individual preference.  


Using the 3D printer, you can make your own unique set of cutlery. This is a great choice when you want something that stands out for use while in the cafeteria or at the office, all thanks to the 3D printer. The cutlery made using the printer is portable, functional, and will only take up a small duration to be made. Furthermore, the 3D cutlery is reusable.

Business Cards

If your goal is to immediately win your potential clients’ attention, then making 3D printed business cards is the way to go. With these cards, you’ll provide your clients with an experience they haven’t experienced before. This will go a long way in convincing them you’re the right choice to do business due to your creativity and ingenuity.

Tin can Dumbbell  

Maintaining your fitness level is crucial to safeguard your health despite the hectic work schedules. This is where you can take advantage of your 3D printer and make fitness equipment such as a tin can dumbbell for working out while in the office or at home. You can use this dumbbell to exercise regardless of your location, and all this at a budget.

Bottom Line 

3D printers are useful tools that you can use either at home or at the office to make useful tools. If you had no idea of some items you could make using your 3D printer, reading this exhaustive article has been of great help. Therefore, you now know the useful tools that your 3D printer can make, and all this is in the comfort of your home.

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