Where To Buy 3D Printers

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With the cost of 3D printers falling with each passing day, these machines are becoming more accessible. This has led to the increased demand for these printers for use either at homes, offices, or schools.

But where can you get a high-quality 3D printer when looking to invest in one? If this is a question you want an answer to, you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the different options where you can buy your 3D printer. Consequently, you can also get to start enjoying this exciting and useful 3D printing technology.

Places To Buy Your 3D Printer

Nowadays, 3D printers are readily accessible; you can choose from which seller to make your purchase. The options you should consider are:

Local Electronics Store

The first place you should consider in your search for a 3D printer is any retail store or local elect tonics store near you. This location is an excellent option since you get to physically confirm the 3D printer and confirm that it’s in great condition.

Furthermore, the staff at these stores are always willing to answer any questions you might have, with this vital if you’re new to 3D printing. Therefore, you’ll get better guidance from the experts at these stores to determine which 3D printer best suits your needs.

Online Stores

You can also buy your 3D printer from online vendors, with 3DPrintersOnlineStores.com and Amazon being the most reliable picks. You can get different types of 3D printers on these online platforms, including the Cubify, Makerbot, and many other models.

However, it’s best to avoid buying your 3D printer online if you’re still not very familiar with the features of the different models. Otherwise, you risk buying a 3D printer that doesn’t match your needs.

Direct From Manufacturers

Most of the 3D printer manufacturers also include the option to sell 3D printers directly to customers. Therefore, this is also a viable method you need to consider since, in many cases, the prices of these machines will be somewhat cheaper than buying from the retailer.

Nonetheless, the downside of buying your 3D printer from the manufacturer is some slower shipping times since most haven’t specialized in shipping their products.

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Some of the notable companies you need to consider are:

  • Proto Labs Inc. (PRLB): This company was formed in 1999 and focused on making automated solutions in the development of metal and plastic parts: Proto Labs has also expanded its functions to start making industrial-grade 3D printing service. This innovation allows engineers and developers to convey the prototypes to the production process. This company’s primary business services other than making 3D printers include sheet metal fabrication and injection molding.
  • Stratasys: This company ventured into the 3D printing business in 1988. It mainly focuses on 3D printing tied to the automotive, aerospace, education, and healthcare sectors. This is one of the bigger manufacturers of 3D printers globally, with more than 600 pending or approved manufacturing patents.A few of the key patents are for WDM 3D printing technologies, Polyjet and FDM. These technologies are used to manufacture goods and prototypes either from 3D computer-aided design files or any other relevant 3D content.
  • Carbon: This is one company you need to consider when searching for a 3D printer of exceptional quality. Its signature trait is having all the 3D printing processes comprise the fusing of layers to form a whole, thereby altogether reinventing the process of fusing. This is done in a process referred to as Digital Light Synthesis, which is a technique that does away with any seams that might be showing on a 3D printed object. Therefore, the 3D printers from this company guarantee an object that doesn’t only have an excellent look but also has an appealing look.
  • Makerbot: Based in Brooklyn, New York, this company is famed for making 3D printers that are useful across many industrial applications. Makerbot also makes printers that are user-friendly, hence why they’re the most common type found in classrooms where newbies can perfect their 3D printing skills. This company distinguishes itself from its rivals by offering free lesson plans instead of only the 3D printing hardware.
  • The ExOne Company: This company has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, U.S., and was formed in 2005. Other than selling 3D printers, this company also sells 3D printing materials plus services to its industrial clients. ExOne specializes in the manufacture and selling of 3D printers as well as printing products that are unique to the consumer’s request. Its 3D printers can be used in the printing or ceramics, sand, composites, powder particles, and metal.The products from this manufacturer are used across different industries from defense, automotive, and energy.
  • HP: Another reliable manufacturer you should consider when looking for a 3D printer is HP. This company boasts great experience as they’ve over the years dominated the 3D inkjet printing. Therefore, their venture into making Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers shouldn’t come as a surprise. With these printers, you get scalable and full-color part printing.
  • 3D Systems: This manufacture is, without a doubt, one of the biggest manufacturers of 3D printers and related items. Other than making 3D printers, they also specialize in creating digital design tools, printing materials, and several other things. Furthermore, this company has ventured into many industries from healthcare, 3D scanning, and manufacturing.
  • Materialise: The headquarters of this company is at Leuven, Belgium, and it was formed in 1990. This company is one of the dependable sellers of 3D printers and other related products, providing their services worldwide. This company’s 3D printer can be used to print a broad range of materials from metal to polymers. This company’s in-house processes are Fused Depositing Modelling, Stereolithography, Poly Jet, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, and Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF).


If you’re new to the 3D printing world, you might be stranded finding a reliable seller when searching for a high-quality 3D printer. However, this shouldn’t be a problem ever again after reading this in-depth guide on where to buy 3D printers. Now that you know this, you’re guaranteed to get a 3D printer that’s not only of exceptional quality.  

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