Who Makes Klein Multimeters?

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Are you getting exhausted from erroneous readings on your electrical devices? You are not alone because we are too! You might be a DIYer or a professional, but what is the first name that comes into your mind when we talk about the best multimeter brand? 

From installing a ceiling fan to changing a junction box, using a Klein multimeter helps to identify if wires are properly connected or not. Keep reading to find out more about this company and the line of multimeters they are offering.

Introducing Klein Tools Multimeter 

Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, the company was established by Mathias Klein in 1857 in Chicago. 

Mathias was the son of Christina and Mathias Klein. He was a locksmith by trade and made his way to Chicago in the mid-19th century, where he decided to open his own blacksmith shop. In 1957, he was able to create the first recognized American-built pliers. 

The company later became popular as Mathias Klein & Sons and is now what everyone knows as Klein Tools, Inc. Today, it is still family-owned and operated, delivering superior-quality and reasonable hand tools to discerning users globally. 

Their firm is also identical with linemen pliers that are often referred to as Kleins. Along with the best multimeter dependability of its test leads, the company is regarded as one of the best multimeter brands for electricians in the market. 

Klein has been operating as a privately-owned American company for many years, and they are equally sought in the world of multimeters. 

The Best Multimeters from Klein Tools

Are you searching for a dependable and high-quality multimeter that is accessible on nearly any budget? You may like to take a closer look at Klein’s product line before deciding on a costlier brand. The company takes pride in producing some of the most robust, best digital multimeters around. The best part here is that they are accessible for a very reasonable price. 

Each of such tools is suitable for various purposes. This section will talk about some of the most remarkable product lines from the company. Normally, you won’t be able to get anything on the same level for near the price with Klein. 

Once you decide to go with Klein, you can expect a superior quality, reasonable digital multimeter that does not jump on any features or safety. Whether you are an entry-level technician or an advanced handyman, that’s exactly what you need. 

  • Klein Tools MM6000

This digital multimeter from Klein is impressive. This is ideal for anyone working with electricity, such as electricians and HVAC professionals. The MM6000 is very user-friendly, durable and boasts a wide array of features. It can detect anything such as capacitance, resistance, AC or DC voltage, and even the duty-cycle of batteries.

It’s worth mentioning as well that it’s a True RMS device, appealing to those in the industry with variable AC devices and for general purpose amateurs with its appealing price and auto ranging feature.

The Klein MM6000 is loaded with awesome features such as an auto-hold, low impedance mode, and temperature input. It also has one of the best displays of multimeters in the market. 

Highly rated on giant ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, the Klein MM6000 is also accurate and makes a good option to people who can’t afford a high-end multimeter or for amateurs simply wanting better without putting a hole in their pocket. 

  • Klein Tools MM1000

This multimeter from Klein Tools is a no-mess, robust multimeter for electricians. It’s also simple to use, even for those non-electricians. This is a proper device with an auto-ranging, spontaneous dial selector and a good enough balance of features, so most trades could get the most out of it, from home DIY and vehicle tech to electronics and plant maintenance. 

The MM1000 can also measure standard ranges like continuity, current, voltage, and resistance, together with temperature, frequency, and capacitance. Like other tools from Klein, it is designed reliably and sturdily, not to mention fairly accurate. 

You will also like its clear, backlit screen and ships with screw-on alligator clips. 

  • Klein Tools MM100

The MM100 is a standard meter that finds the best use around the home. It’s one of the basic multimeters, designed for occasional work or light use, and features a manual ranging function. This product will fit basic wiring tasks around the home, garage, farm, office, or building maintenance as well.

  • Klein Tools MM200

This product is on the lower end of Klein’s multimeters. It’s suitable for people wanting a more basic meter, albeit a dependable one from a trusted brand name. The MM200 measures all types of inputs, such as continuity, amps, voltage, and is more suitable for light electrical tasks than those of an industrially rated digital multimeter. 

To make it short, the MM200 is perfect for general-purpose electronics tasks. 

Do They Offer Other Products Apart from Digital Multimeters? 

Yes, they have. In fact, the company takes pride in its massive selection of digital multimeters, often featuring true RMS for accuracy, temperature measurements, and auto-ranging, among others. Klein also creates voltage sticks, electrical testers, electrical maintenance kits, fork meters, and even borescopes, infrared thermometers, and digital temperature loggers. 

Final Thoughts

The Klein company still owns and operates it, along with offices located across the United States and a catalog of distributors and agents globally. Much of their inventory is created in America, with future investments to enable more of their product to be designed in the country instead of rebranding or sourcing overseas. 

You will find a broad spectrum of multimeter brands in the market today. Some are good, while other no-name brands should be avoided. It may be tempting to save some cash and go with one that matches the voltage range and features you have in mind. However, you should also spare a thought for what is under the hood.

Having excellent input protection is an integral factor when testing the main current. Cheap meters can and will explode whenever a voltage surge hits them. That will be less of a problem if you are only performing basic electronic work in your backyard.

As one of the best multimeter brands, Klein is the market leader.

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