Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch Review

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Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch

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The Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch is specifically designed to give the user as much versatility as possible, especially since it has plenty of accessories that are phenomenal for shrinking, wood burning, heating, soldering, and even hot cutting. In short, it’s an all-in-one tool that helps reduce the number of tools that you need in your toolkit. It also has a sleek and stylish appearance that will make you proud to show it off to your friends and family members.

Who Is this Product For?

If you’re the type of person that wishes you knew how to solder things together, this is the ideal tool for you. However, it’s easy to see how relatively anyone is able to benefit from having a soldering iron at their disposal. No matter if you want to repair your computer’s hard drive or if you need to fix a video game console, the purposes are relatively endless.Even parents will be able to benefit from the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch, especially if their kids tend to play rough with their electronic toys. Instead of having to throw toys with damaged electrical systems in the trash, you can easily solder wires back to their original position to return the toy to its original glory.

What’s Included?

When you first open the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch, you’ll notice that it comes with plenty of pieces for your enjoyment and ease of use including the following:

  • Carrying case: To add to its modern and professional appeal, the carrying case is ideal for storing all of the smaller components included in the kit.
  • Soldering tips: The wide blower tip, deflector, 203 shaping knife, hot air tip, 201 soldering tip, and 202 cutting knife are the six different tips included with this soldering iron that give you plenty of uses.
  • Maintenance accessories: To help keep your soldering iron in tip-top shape over the years, you’ll also receive a cleaning sponge, a solder, wrenches, and storage tins.
  • Protective cap: To help combat oxidization and to easily cool the iron down after every use, the included protective cap is an incredibly important accessory for maintaining a safe workspace.

Overview of Features

Some of the best features of the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch include:

  • Ignition trigger: To make it even easier to start up, the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch is equipped with an ignition trigger that you can easily pull to start soldering. You certainly won’t have to worry about a separate ignition tool.
  • 14 accessories: There are 14 different pieces that are included, such as a protective soldering tip cover and an enclosed cleaning sponge, in the kit that gives you the versatility you’ve been hoping for.
  • Variable temperature: With the ability to customize the power of your soldering iron, it’s incredibly versatile for a wide variety of different materials.
  • Flame lock: Instead of having to continually pull the trigger when working on projects that require extended use, you can easily flip on the flame lock to create a continual stream of solder.

How to Use It?

What We Like

  • Accurate and precise
  • Long lasting gas supply
  • High-quality aluminum carrying case

What We Don’t Like

  • The safety lock is too easy to accidentally engage.
  • Fill valve may leak over time

Soldering torches have plenty of different uses, ranging from repairing small electronics to creating your own necklaces and earrings. Having a portable soldering torch such as the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch can be a great opportunity for the everyday DIYer, especially if you’re a person who is always interested in learning how to use new tools. With its sleek appearance and user-friendly design, it’s surely a device that beginner and veteran soldering torch users will benefit from.


If you’re on the lookout for the most versatile soldering iron on the market, you might be tempted by other models that have more accessories, such as the Portasol 010589330. However, it’s important to remember that the more accessories your soldering iron will have, the more expensive it’s going to be.One of the main differences between the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch and the Portasol 010589330 is that the Dremel model is better for beginning soldering torch users, especially since the Portasol unit has a higher wattage, but a higher wattage does mean that you have access to more power.Another difference between the two is that the Portasol 010589330 has seven tips (four soldering, one hot air, one deflector, one hot knife), versus the six tips with the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch.


If you’re curious about how a soldering iron can revolutionize the number of things that you can repair around your house, you should surely look into a soldering iron such as the Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch. Specifically designed to make all repairs simpler than you originally thought and with a sleek and incredibly user-friendly design, you’ll be able to harness a substantial amount of heating power in your hands for plumbing work, jewelry making, or even electronic repairs.The Dremel 2000-01 Soldering Torch is also a great unit for people who want to learn how to use a soldering iron and those who have used soldering irons in the past and are looking to replace their outdated and less resilient units.

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