How to Use a Lap Mas830b Multimeter

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You can’t check or fix a circuit without having a multimeter. Technicians and people who often work on electrical circuits use a multimeter. You can measure current, voltage, and even resistance using a multimeter. But that’s not all.  

You see, a digital multimeter is also called digital voltmeter (DVM) because you can use it measuring amps and ohms. With a multimer, technicians can do electronic and electrical measurements effectively. 

Did you know that there are different types of multimeters? Take note – these devices have different accuracies in measuring volts and current.  The lap mas830b multimeter is one of the types that we’ll talk about in this article. 

Are you ready? Let’s begin. 

What’s the Lap Mas830B Multimeter? 

You can buy cheap and expensive multimeters on the market. If you’re on a tight budget, the lap mas830b multimeter is the device that suits you.  Like other multimeters, the lap mas830b multimeter is simple and affordable. 

Lap mas830b has an accuracy of 1% and a resolution of 0.05% on a full scale. 

What does this mean? 

The measurement’s actual accuracy is only 100 of the maximum, but you can measure voltage changes of 2000 of the maximum. 

The 830B has different brand names and is sold by many manufacturers. In some stores, it’s DT-830B and in other brands, it’s called M-830B.  The multimeter’s colors are different too! (Awesome because you can choose the color you want.) For example, you can buy and use yellow, black or even exotic colors.   

Why Do You Need to Use the Lap Mas830B Multimeter? 

Yes, the mas830B is a simple multimeter, but it’s useful at home or even in the office.  The tool allows you to measure both DC and AC voltages. Like other multimeters, you can use it to measure DC current and resistance. 

Electronic and electrical engineers find the 830B useful and handy in their work. But if you intend to use the device at home, you can. You can use lap mas830b multimeter at home to do the following: 

You can take measurements easily using a lap mas830b multimeter. Thus, say goodbye to long hours of checking circuits and wires.  

Using a Lap Mas830b Multimeter 

Like most multimeters, one of the important question’s users ask is how to use a lap mas830b multimeter? Well, the process is simple. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner in handling multimeters because you can use an 830B multimeter by following these simple steps. 

Fit the Batteries 

For the lap mas830b multimeter, you would use a 9V battery.  Unscrew the Philip screws you would see on the device’s back case.  Then, fit the battery by levering the case’s bottom. Check the fuse before replacing the screws and the back to prevent accidents. 

Take note: It’s advisable to use an alkaline battery because this lasts longer and doesn’t corrode likely. Alkaline batteries are also called transistor radio batteries. These batteries last for 2 to 3 years (occasional use) and 2 to 3 weeks if the multimeter is turned on. So, turn off the multimeter if you’re not using it by rotating the switch. 

When the multimeter is off, there’s no display on the screen. You can see a grey screen. The BAT warning appears on the left side of the screen when you need to replace the battery. (This happens when the voltage is below 7 volts.)

An alkaline battery has a 500 to 600 mAh capacity, and its current consumption is 1 mA. 

Fit the Leads 

Now, you proceed in fitting the leads.  Before that, be familiar with the black and red leads on the multimeter. You should know where to place the two leads. Here’s how you would do it: 

Plug the black lead on the multimeter’s three lowest sockets. (Plug it on the black socket.)  Next, find the lower red sockets on the device. (This is called the center socket.) Here, plugs the red lead. 

Remember: Don’t plug the red lead on the other red socket unless you are to measure large DC currents that are up to 10 amps. If the red lead is placed incorrectly, this can damage both the meter and the battery. 

Other Important Reminders in Using the Lap Mas830b Multimeter

The lap mas830b multimeter doesn’t last long if it isn’t used and maintained correctly. You don’t only need to use the meter’s part’s carefully but also check the internal fuse as well.  The multimeter will also be broken if it’s connected to another battery while switched on current measurement. 

Another worse scenario is this would blow the device’s internal fuse.  You would still see displays on the multimeter, but it wouldn’t work properly anymore.  For example, you might often see over-range when measuring resistance. When this happens, you should remove the meter’s back and replace the fuse. 

Don’t forget to use the right cartridge fuse for the lap mas830b multimeter. The correct cartridge fuse is 250 mA. But sadly, most 830B manufacturers use a bigger 1A or 3A cartridge fuses because these are affordable.  It’s best that you follow the correct fuse (250 mAh) to prevent damage to the multimeter. 

Instead of mounting the fuse on the fuse mount, you can solder it instead. You can use a fuse wire rather than a cartridge fuse to ensure excellent use of the meter. 

Make sure to follow instructions on the lap mas830b multimeter manual before using the device. Watch out for other WARNING signs to prevent electric shocks and worse accidents. As a responsible user, consider your safety first before measuring currents or volts. 

Remember: Be familiar with the functions and correct use of the 830B multimeter to experience a hassle-free experience in using the device. If you’re a beginner, it’s also best to ask an expert technician for help. (It’s not bad to get tips from the pros in multimeter because this can save your life.) 

Now that you know how to use a lap mas830b multimeter, it’s time to try it! But keep in mind to follow the correct steps (as listed in this article) to prevent accidents.

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