What Can You Make With a 3D Printer at Home?

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If you either own a 3D printer or are thinking of buying one to use at home, you will get to improve your life significantly. This is because you get to realize the numerous benefits of owning a 3D printer, like printing anything you like in the comfort of your own home.

​Therefore, once you have clearly understood 3D printing technology as well as the different materials and tools on the market, you need to have a go at making objects using your 3DCo printer at home. Consequently, you will not only get the satisfaction of having created a functional 3D object to use around your home but also saved some money in the long run.

Self-watering planter

Forgetting to water your plants is a common issue which most people often experience. Fortunately, this is an issue you will no longer experience once you make your self-watering planter. This 3D model usually has two components, that is an outer pot that acts like a water reservoir as well as a punctured inner pot for your plant.

Thanks to the perforations, continuous yet controlled water intake is guaranteed; hence, you never have to be worried about your plants not getting a sufficient amount of water. Moreover, integrated into the outer pot is a spout that you can make use of to inspect whether water needs to be added into the reservoir. However, this self-watering mechanism lasts for around a week, so you still need to replenish the used water.

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Collapsible coat hanger

When traveling, you need to carry along a coat hanger, and this often becomes problematic since they usually are big hence challenging to store in your luggage. Nevertheless, this is a problem you will never experience thanks to the collapsible coat hanger. These 3D models feature three separate pieces that you can assemble to create a standard coat hanger.

You will, however, have a difficult time learning how to put together this coat hanger at the start as the design of the slots is usually extremely tight. This luckily gets easier the more you use this hanger, and subsequently, you will never experience the packing difficulties you often did with the ordinary coat hanger. Moreover, you can decide to carry along several sets and still not have any concerns about space not being enough.

Secret shelf

It is a small and neat shelf fixed to the wall, and it resembles an ordinary shelf. For you to reveal the small pocket situated at this shelf’s base, you need to pull out the outer sleeve. Thus, due to this unique design, this is an ideal place to hide valuable items such as keys and money, thereby safeguarding them from getting lost. Additionally, its design is sturdy enough to be used as a wall-mounted shelf despite being simple to construct.

Turbine faucet spout

You can create the turbine faucet using your 3D printer, and this helps you finish your chores like washing your dishes or hands a lot faster. This is typically made possible due to the spout’s turbine shape that dispenses water over a bigger area. Additionally, a systematic rotating effect is made possible thanks to the design of the turbine hence ensuring that the distribution of water is carried out uniformly. Whereas this 3D model does not save you water, it does have a tidy turbine effect.

Custom six-pack carrier

If you are an avid beer consumer, you most likely have encountered the issue of how to best move around with your six-pack of beer bottles. Moreover, there is yet to be a solution for this question weirdly enough, so you can use your 3D printer to make yourself a custom six-pack beer carrier. Subsequently, you can conveniently move around with your pack of beer bottles.

This pack features a screw-on handle and can fit a regular 330ml longneck beer bottle. Additionally, this six-pack carrier is an excellent idea if you engage in the homebrewing business and are looking to issue several samples as gifts. However, you should make sure this carrier is robust enough, and you can opt to use the 100% infill to safeguard your beer bottles from breaking and spilling your beer.

Wall outlet shelf

When charging your phone through a wall outlet, you most likely have no place to rest it on, or even worse, your charging cord might be very short even to place the handset on the floor. If you do experience this issue, then a wall outlet shelf is the perfect solution to position to charge your phone. Furthermore, this 3D model incorporates a simple design and provides you with a smart solution to an irritating issue experienced often.

The Little Box

The invention of the 3D technology has brought about the creation of desktop organizers, with The Little Box, one of the most popular models. This 3D model usually offers you ample storage space to put standard office items such as scissors and pencils as well as incorporating a slot for flash drives, microSD cards, and SD cards. Thus, if you often lose your small storage devices, you can make The Little Box using your 3D printer at home. Additionally, this desktop organizer is not only simple to design but also easy to print.

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Soldering iron stand

If you frequently do DIY projects at home that need a soldering iron, you most probably have encountered this problem of not having a place to supporting it when you ate not making use of it. So, if you find yourself in this situation, use your 3D printer to build this stand instead of using an improvised stand. Moreover, whereas building this 3D model is straightforward, you should first make sure you have rescaled the model depending on your soldering iron’s size.


Having read through this article, you now have an idea of some of the objects you can build using your 3D printer. Therefore, you never have to incur the cost of buying these items if you own a 3D printer, and all this you can do at the comfort of your home.

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