What Is an Electric Hand Planer Used For?

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An electric hand planer is similar to a regular hand planer only that it substitutes the fixed blade with a rotating blade powered by electricity. It is fitted with two to three blades to shave off small amounts of wood (usually 1/8 inch) within a short period.

It is this feature that makes an electric hand planer a great time saver compared to regular hand planers. Power planers also deliver smoother, uniform cut on as they have a depth adjusting feature.

Additionally, electric planers are suitable for planing low-lying spots in joists of floors, post corners, and taper-cut filler boards, so cabinets fit tightly. The text further explains the uses of an electric hand planer.

Advantages of the Electric Hand planer Over Manual Models

Depth Adjustment

The most obvious benefit of electric hand planers is that it is fitted with a depth-adjustment gauge, which allows users to choose any thickness setting to suit their planing requirements. As such, you can set it at 1/8 of an inch from the wood when you want to work quickly or 1/64 of an inch for it to work like a belt sander. What’s more, since it is electric, you can quickly work on rough grains of wood without straining too much.

Additional Accessories

The best electric hand planers come with accessories that make planing tasks easier. For example, with a planer fitted with a six-feet long cable, you can work on workpieces located further away from the work area.

Also, electric hand planers are fitted with a chip deflector that allows users to direct the shavings to a waste bin instead of leaving them to fly about. The adjustable fences come in handy when working on boards, wood trims, and door edges as they hold the workpiece firmly. The planers also come fitted with cast metal sole plates, which warp less and are more durable.

Uses of an Electric Hand Planer

Smooth Low Spots in Floor Joists

You can quickly smoothen joist irregularities using an electric planer as it is highly portable. You need to level the floor joists using a straightedge and mark the low spots. Then set up a stable working space and shave off the high spots until the beams are flat. You want to use the chip deflector as it directs the chippings away from your face.

Plane Door Edges

During the winter season, doors tend to expand, making it difficult to shut them completely. An electric hand planer comes in handy as it helps plane out the edges.

You need to set the planer at a five-degree angle, switch it on, and begin to plane. Be sure to plane on the hingeless door edge, so the door closes smoothly. Also, you need to position yourself correctly, to make long, smooth passes and make straight edges.

Plane Filler Boards used on Cabinets

When shaping filler boards to fit a cabinet, you need to make careful shaving to remove wood from the front and backside of the board, a technique known as back beveling. It involves smoothing out the edges of the filler board by elevating the cabinet and letting the planer make a complete pass.

A regular hand planer can make it challenging to maneuver theses edges hence the need for an electric hand planer. It helps create a quick pass along the sides of the cabinet, smoothing out any high spots within a short period.

Smooth out Rough Edges

An electric planer is used to smoothen out uneven edges. For this task, you need to place the V-side in front of the shoe and make one long pass using the planer. Then, make long, smooth passes to achieve the required depth.

Removing Wood from the Backside of the Door Casing

An electric hand planer is also an excellent device for hollowing out the backside of door casings, so they sit flush against the wall. You need a device that allows you to control the cutting depth, and an electric hand planer is just the right tool. It also prevents you from making extremely thin or fragile casing prone to cracking when nailing.

Create a Fresh Look on Old Wood

An electric planer also gives life to old wood materials like pallets. With the right depth and planing technique, it removes the top layer of the oxidized wood to reveal a newer, more vibrant color underneath.

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