What Can I Print with a 3D Printer?

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3D technology is presently in use; therefore, you can create your unique 3-dimensional object according to the working template. Additionally, you need not have any concerns as these 3D models are fully functional. Thus, thanks to this technology, you can now print or create designs of anything you want so long as you have the necessary templates. In this article, you will be taken through the real-world objects that are very practical you can print using a 3D printer.

​Here’s a list of some Cool things you can print:

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Homes and other structures

The use of 3D technology has made it possible to build houses and other buildings quickly. This was practically done in Moscow, where a 400-square-foot house was built in less than 24 hours using 3D printing technology.

Therefore, this advancement will be especially useful during times when emergency shelters need to be constructed after an area has been hit by a natural calamity such as a hurricane. Moreover, this technology has provided insight into new architectural designs that were impossible to achieve using conventional manufacturing techniques. Therefore, you should expect more design innovations in the future with more and more people quickly embracing this technology.

Human body parts

Professionals in the field of medicine have also not been left behind in embracing t3D technology. This is evidenced by the fact that scientists have already discovered how to create some parts of the body, including the kidneys, prosthetic limbs, blood vessels, ears, and many others. To create these 3D models, scientists make use of a special 3D printer known as the bioprinter, which uses ceramic powder rather than bones or a gel-like substance created from cells.

This tech has also allowed doctors to create cheaper alternatives on ways to learn about human anatomy, thereby inject practicality into the practice of surgery without needing the use of cadavers. Moreover, because 3D printed models are exact, surgeons can use them to prepare for surgery before they start operating the real patient.


The application of 3D printing technology happens across several industries, and these include aerospace, automotive, and many others. Furthermore, it also includes the production of 3D printing replacement parts for new prototyping products and machinery with the option of recycling the 3D models once you are done with them. Therefore, thanks to this tech, you can produce jigs and molds that streamline the entire production process.

You can find bodies of electric cars as well as other regular vehicles that have been created using 3D printing technology. By opting for this tech, manufacturers not only make the production process faster but also lower the overall production cost.

Food Production

Whereas this might sound astonishing, you can use a 3D printer as a food replicator to make food. Some of the foods you can create using this machine include chocolates, pizza, as well as other edibles. Therefore, whenever you feel too lazy to prepare your dinner or want some snacks, you can easily make your food using 3D printing technology, and the best part is that you will not have any dishes to clean.

Custom-made action figures

Thanks to 3D printing technology, you can now print yourself your favorite action figures in the comfort of your home. Some of the 3D printing services you can opt for include Twinkind and 3DMe, which you can use to make a small imitation of yourself from a 3D scan or a photograph. Additionally, you can opt for the DIY route and subsequently construct a personal 3D scanner.

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3D printers can also be used in the making of firearms, which can either be made out of plastic or metal, but the varieties which make use of metal are costly. However, the advancements in 3D technology have raised questions on how this issue can be regulated since now it is easy to create a personal firearm while comfortably in your home.

Musical Instruments

The use of 3D printing technology has been used to create numerous musical instruments such as banjos, flues, keyboards, guitars, drums, and violins. Moreover, it also has been used in making parts of the musical instruments like the mouthpiece. Therefore, if you are a music enthusiast, you can create for yourself a musical instrument with a unique design or a replica of the one used by your favorite idols.


If you are looking to create unique garments that match your style, you are in luck since a 3D printer can help you do this. Subsequently, the wearables like jewelry and garments are usually of remarkable quality; hence, why most forward-thinking designers are embracing this technology and then making 3D printed fabrics for the runway.

Sculptures from kid’s drawings

If you have ever wished to turn your kid’s drawing into an actual sculpture, you are in luck since you can achieve this using a 3D printer. Additionally, as these sculptures are a real representation of your child’s drawing, you can decide to use this as a reminder of the fun moments you enjoy together with your kid.

Light sculpture

Using a 3D printer, you can create a light sculpture similar to the one which artists at Forms in Nature made. Also, it can portray whichever message you have creatively and incredibly, subsequently pleasing the minds of everyone who gets to see your 3D light sculpture.

Hand-made camera lens

Camera lens are usually very complex to make, but thanks to 3D printers, you can create one, and you might be able to find unique and creative results. Consequently, the pictures you take will portray your style in a manner that would have reasonably difficult to attain with the standard camera lenses.


If you were still undecided about buying a 3D printer because of what you use it to make, you must have had a change of heart after reading this article. Therefore, you should not wait any longer before embracing this 3D printing technology and get to create your own unique set of 3D models at the comfort of your house. Consequently, you get to have items that are not only of excellent quality but also save a lot of money in the long run.

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