How to Light a Bernzomatic Soldering Iron

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A soldering iron is a relatively small hand tool used to melt the solders that join two metallic pieces together. However, for the two metals to be joined, the weld must be melted.

The soldering iron to be used on particular alloys needs to have a lower melting point than those metals. Bernzomatic is a company that manufactures hand-held torches and kits using cylinders containing butane and propane.

This company’s most remarkable product is the Bernzomatic st250 torch kit, which is cordless and powered by butane. This soldering iron is easy to control even when working with tiny wires and metals. It can be used to repair quite several machines like cars, boats, and motorcycles.

It is also convenient for use by technicians and electricians to repair computers, T.Vs, and other machines’ circuit boards.

​Getting to Know Your Bernzomatic Soldering Iron

The Bernzomatic soldering iron is the most accessible soldering tool to use because of the following features.

  1. It has a hot and sharp knife tip
  2. Produces a flame of up to 3150 F
  3. It is refillable
  4. Burns for 20 minutes after refill
  5. It has a trigger which makes it easy to light
  6. It is easily portable and has no cord.
  7. It has high durability
  8. It is powered by butane.
  9. It comes in a carrying case

Lighting Your Soldering Iron Torch

Bernzomatic soldering torches are easy to use. You, however, cannot use the device if you do not know how to light it. Listed below are the steps and precautions you need to go through to light up a Bernzomatic soldering iron.

Step 1

Refill the soldering iron with butane. This gadget should be refilled only using bernzomatic butane, which in most cases, is usually attached to the packet after purchase.

  • Put off the torch before refilling it
  • If the flame had been in use, you should allow it time to cool to room temperature before refilling it with butane.
  • Always have in mind that butane is highly flammable and refill the torch in a fire-free and well-ventilated area away from people to prevent fire accidents and burns.
  • Do not smoke when refilling the torch
  • With the fill valve up, carefully but firmly hold the torch.
  • Fit the fuel canister from the butane can into the fill valve.
  • Allow the fuel to flow into your fuel tank by pushing the torch and the fuel canister together. Let the fuel flow for about ten seconds.
  • Avoid refilling the tank to the point where the fuel overflows. However, if fuel accidentally overflows, stop filling the container immediately and wipe the excess butane using a dry sponge.
  • Always wait for three minutes or more before igniting the iron solder to allow the gas to stabilize.

Step 2

The iron rod is ready for lighting after the completion of step 1. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Rotate the gas adjustment knob halfway.
  • Turn the ignition switch till you get it to the On position. Gas will automatically start flowing if the ignition switch is functioning correctly.
  • Hold a lit match right below the iron’s gas tip, and a flame will appear on the flame hole.
  • After this step, the bernzomatic soldering iron is ready for use.

Step 3

Turn the flame adjustment knob to either direction, to reduce or increase the flame.

Step 4

After lighting up and adjusting the flame, here is how you use the soldering iron.

  • Move the soldering assembly to the troche’s gas tip.
  • To avoid damage to your working space, adjust the exhaust port so that hot air generated will escape without causing smoke.
  • Firmly tighten the locknut
  • Switch the ignition on using the switch button
  • Light the soldering iron using a burning splint, and a flame will appear on the access hole.
  • Place the soldering iron’s tip on the metals or alloys you need to join, together with the solder.
  • The solder will melt then later cool down and solidify, joining the two metals.

This gadget comes with a user manual. It is important to read the manual as it will teach you how to light, switch off, and replace parts of the soldering iron. It has also explained several other uses of the iron which include:

  1. lighting up like a torch
  2. Cutting plastics
  3. metal Making jewelry

Precautions and Warnings

  1. Keep the torch away from individuals and children who have not read the instruction manual.
  2. Do not use the iron when pointing it to yourself
  3. Do not use the iron to light a cigarette
  4. Always wear eye protection and fireproof gloves when lighting up and using the iron rod.
  5. Do not under any circumstance use a damaged soldering iron.
  6. Do not store the iron under temperatures exceeding 49°C or 120°F or sunlight for long
  7. Never operate the gadget around explosive material, flammable fumes or liquids.
  8. Avoid skin or eye contact with the butane. Rinse your eyes or skin with plenty of water in case of accidental contact. Ensure to see a medical practitioner in case of eye contact.
  9. Always learn all the parts of a bernzomatic soldering iron before using it, trying to adjust it or replace its parts.
  10. When replacing parts of the iron rod, always seek advice from the manufacturer and use their recommended parts.
  11. Wrong refueling of the gadget can lead to injury or death. It is, therefore, very crucial to read the manual before refiling it.
  12. Do not touch the tip assembly or burner nozzle immediately after putting off the iron solder. This is because the solder gets extremely hot and should be allowed time to cool.
  13. Do not leave a lit soldering iron unattended.


There are several risks associated with operating every soldering machine. Lighting up a bernzomatic iron solder is, however, simple, but everyone operating this gadget needs to read through all the precautions and follow the above-provided steps

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